Best Smart Toilets to Buy in India

We, the Indians are typically either cleanliness-freak or the annoying unhygienic people, there’s hardly any in between. We always believed water is the only best way to clean after our shitty works! Most of our diseases are also caused due to unclean water or our unhygienic behaviors. So, Smart Toilets are something we really do need.

Smart Toilets

What are Smart Toilets?

Smart Toilets are technologically advanced toilets with sensors for automatic flushing, smart bidets, seat warming, and lots more. Like you don’t have to use your hands to push the handle or button for flushing your toilet, it will flush on its own once the sensor is activated. It also saves water, by automatically adjusting the amount of water to be flushed out.

If you are remodeling your bathroom or opting for a new house, you should definitely look into these beautifully designed toilets to grade up your home.

If you are on the way to make your home completely smart, Smart Homes are incomplete without Smart Toilets.

Advantages of Smart Toilets

  • The first advantage of a Smart Toilet is that it ensures hygiene and cleanliness. Smart Toilets auto-clean themselves and also flushes out when the sensor is activated. It can be activated by a wave of hand or remote or when the sensor
    senses you are getting up from the toilet seat.
  • Secondly, they adjust the water needed to be released with respect to the amount present in the toilet bowl. So, they save a lot of water.
  • They have features like seat-warming, adjusting the temperature of water in the bidets. Just think of it, what a blessing it is not to use hands during winter, to not get chilled with the cold surface of the toilet seat, and not getting hit with ice-cold water in the middle of the night.
  • Fourth and most important, they are very useful for older people whose movements are restricted and also injured and disabled person. It will certainly give them some sort of independence to some extent.
  • Smart Toilet cleans themselves, adding to the perks of having it.
  • Last but not the least, they enhance the beauty of the bathroom giving it a modernized edge.
Smart Toilets in India

Disadvantages of Smart Toilets

  • Smart Toilets are really costly and in a developing country like India, people will think three times before buying a toilet for about Rs.14000.
  • Although Smart Toilets save water, they use electricity to operate, so there will be a rise in the monthly electricity bills.
  • Smart Toilets are repairable but their repairing cost is also high.
  • All in all, Smart Toilet do raise your expenditure, that’s the greatest disadvantage it has.

Some Smart Toilets to buy in India

ZMJH Household Bathroom Electric Remote Control Automatic Cleaning Heating Intelligent Bidet Toilet Cover, Standard Version• The heating film is evenly attached to the surface of the toilet ring to increase the heating area and provide three stage sitting temperature regulation.
• IPX4 waterproof grade, easy to clean
• Intelligent and humane cleaning mode, separate washing is healthier
• Functions: automatic deodorization, female cleaning, i.e. thermal type, mobile cleaning, hip cleaning, seat ring heating, water temperature adjustment, remote control nozzle, water pressure adjustment, nozzle self cleaning, warm air drying, wireless remote control, etc.
Rs.32000Buy Now
Xiaomi EcoChain Smartmi Smart Toilet Seat Lid Cover Water• As you sit down the inserted sensor senses the user sitting on the toilet seat and automatically turn down the temperature.
• Once start washing freshwater source is heated to a constant temperature and remained constant state for a long-time wash to save energy. Comfortable Feminine Cleaning with one nozzle on the side rim for cleaning the anus and genital areas.
• Dual-self-cleaning Nozzle / UV Sterilization before washing the ring-like flow will clean the nozzle thoroughly with UV light automatically killing the bacteria on the nozzle.
Rs.25000Buy Now
MONAI Household Bathroom Electric Automatic Intelligent Flush Toilet Cleaner Cover, Small Short Version• Various cleaning modes can be selected
• IPX4 waterproof performance, double-deck motherboard glue, make him in the humid environment, clock performance excellence
• Power cord: about 1.7 meters in length
• Functions: automatic deodorization, female cleaning, i.e. hot type, mobile cleaning, hip cleaning, seat ring heating, water temperature adjustment, remote control nozzle, water pressure adjustment, self-cleaning nozzle, warm air drying
Rs.41000Buy Now
Panasonic hot water flush toilet seat Beauty Toilet CH931SWS (White) Hot water, Energy
• This product requires installation and construction on existing toilets
• Heating toilet seat standard surface temperature has three options: “off” room temperature, three-stage switching “low” about 29 ℃ / “medium” about 33 ℃ / “high” about 37 ℃
• 3 steps Easy Cleaning “smooth form”. With few steps, seams, irregularities, and dirt can be wiped off quickly. Comfortable washing comfort with “power pulse washing”. A pulsating flow that contains air bubbles improves the strength and volume perception. In addition, shower splattering has been reduced and the amount of water used has been reduced.
Rs.12000Buy Now
Smart Toilets to Buy in India


It may seem costly at first, but the advantages of Smart Toilets aren’t ignorable. So, if you have enough money, you should definitely opt for a smart toilet. Hopefully, with increasing use, cheaper smart toilets would be available soon, otherwise it is very unlikely that middle-class people will go for a Smart Toilet, worth tens of thousands.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Smart Toilets save water?

Yes, they save considerable amounts of water.

Do Smart Toilets use electricity?

Yes, they need either electricity or batteries to function.

Do Smart Toilets auto-clean themselves?

Yes, some Smart Toilets clean themselves.

Are Smart Toilets easy to use?

They may be difficult to install and use at first, but once you get the hang, it becomes super-convenient.

Are Smart Toilets costly?

Yes, they are cost efficient. They are costly to buy and costly to repair also.

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