Best Smart Windows, Blinds, Curtains to buy in India (2021)

Are you wondering, how can you make your windows smarter and sophisticated? Do you own a hotel, an office or you just want your home to be upgraded? We are here to give you all information you need to know to make your window automated and smart.

How to have a Smart Window?

There are a number of ways you can make your window smart. Although, the number of options is limited owing to limited popularity, there are fair shares of good quality products.

You can have a smart window simply by choosing smart glasses if you are constructing a new home, hotel, restaurant, or office or reconstructing an old architecture.

If you already have windows and don’t want to bother changing them anytime soon you can simply opt for smart blinds or smart curtains. Also, an easy way to increase the privacy and light entering properties of your existing glass window by applying a protective film.

Down below, we are going to discuss each item, we have mentioned earlier.

What is Smart Window Glass?

Smart Window glasses are specialized glasses that change their tint with just a click of a button. Some glasses can have different shades of tint, some are one-way glasses. These are also called to be switchable glasses.

Smart Window Glass
Smart Window Glass

Advantage of using Smart Window Glass

The primary advantage of Smart Glass Window is that they allow natural sunlight to enter, which can effectively reduce the power usage of lights during the daytime. These add an aesthetic edge of skylines and the beauty of nature outside.

These are really easy to use as they can be tinted with a single button.

Best Smart Glass for Windows and where to find them

Multicolor switchable glassBlocks 99% UV light, save costs for heating and air conditioningRs5000 onwardsBuy Now
IVish Decor Transaparent Switchable GlassTransparent in nature, turns opaque on a click of switch.Rs 2,500/Sq.FtBuy Now

Smart Glass Film

These films allow to conversation glass window from transparent to opaque with a switch, or smartphone app. These can be self-adhesive or non-adhesive and can be applied on existing glass windows or newly installed on.

Adhesive smart glass films are easily installed but non-adhesive films are fitted mechanically.

Best Smart Glass Films for Windows and where to find them

NameFeaturesApproximate Price
Milky White PDLC Film150 cm in length,0.4mm wide, turns transparent when switch is on, and turns opaque while switched off and can be dimmed.Rs. 2500/sq. ft.Buy Now
Plain PVC switchable smart glass filmOperated electrically with switchRs. 2200/sq. ft.Buy Now
Smart Glass India Liquid crystal EglassOperated electrically with switchRs.4400 for 12”x12”Buy Now

What is Smart Curtain?

Smart Curtain
Smart Curtain

Smart curtains are rolling curtains, which can be controlled using smartphone apps or curtain controllers. They can be thermally insulated controlling the temperature blocking from intense heat or cold outside.

They are just like usual curtains, providing privacy and letting you decide whether you want light in your room or not. These are connected to an electric motor that controls their motion, so one can also upgrade their curtains into a smart one installing these motors.

They can be used in any kind of windows, glass or traditional wooden windows.

What are Smart Blinds?

Smart Blinds
Smart Blinds

Smart blinds are also like usual blinds used to block sun and heat, but the difference is you don’t have to pull or twirl the cord or string attached to it.

Smart Blinds are controlled generally with remotes and comes with a motor that regulates its functioning. You can also use a motor automation kit to turn a normal blind into a smart one. They can be used in any kind of windows, glass or traditional wooden windows.

NameFeaturesApproximate Price
Horizontal Motorised BlindFoldable, works on remote using Wi-Fi connection.Rs.300 per square feetBuy Now
PVC motorised blindWorks on remote using Wi-Fi connection, superior quality.Rs.20000 per pieceBuy Now

Smart Curtain/Blind Controllers are modern gadgets that work on internet connection, opening or closing curtains, without you actually having to move to the window.

Smart Blinds
Smart Blinds
NameFeaturesApproximate Price
DIY Electric Roller Blind Shade Tubular Motor Remote Control KitThese help in controlling the blinds by adjusting them assuring amount of light entering through them and also protecting privacyRs.3000Buy Now
Schneider Electric wiser homes curtain controllerWorks on voice control and closes or opens curtains on voice commands using Wi-FiRs.9198Buy Now
Fibaro Plastic Roller Shutter 2 Curtain/Blind ControllerWorks on voice control and closes or opens both blinds and curtains on voice commands using Wi-FiRs.6099Buy Now


With changing times and ever-increasing workload, it’s nice to have some loopholes. Since loopholes in work can’t be afforded, it’s better to avoid some boring tasks like closing windows.

Technology is improving day by day, so should be our lives, we should always think of utilizing our time in more important work in an eco-friendly manner. So, having smart windows is always a smart choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are smart glasses durable?

Smart Glass for windows are durable enough and resistant to high heat and cold.

Does having smart windows increase electricity bill?

Yes, smart window glasses, glass films, smart blinds, curtains and controller requires both electricity and internet connection, so it will surely increase your bills a bit. On the other hand, it reduces the expenditure of light during day for allowing lots of sunlight in, and also reduces the load of A.C. or heater.

Do smart window require internet connection?

Yes, anything smart requires an internet connection. But, in the case of smart window glass or smart glass window film, most of them come with a switch that doesn’t require any internet. But, some blind and curtains require a remote or controller and can be operated with voice controls, they require internet.

Do I need to change my old window to install smart window?

Absolutely not, if it is a glass window, you can use smart glass films, it will do the work. If it Is a traditional wooden window, you can use smart curtains or smart blinds. Smart blinds and curtains can also be used in case of glass windows.

Which is the best option for smart windows?

The best option entirely depends upon the situation. Smart Window Glasses whereas gives an aesthetic view, Smart Blinds give a more traditional vibe. Smart curtains add a bit more modernization to your room or office or restaurant, the electricity used by all is almost similar.

Which is the cheapest option for smart window?

The cheapest option for turning your window into a smart window is smart blinds.

Is maintaining smart windows difficult?

No, they can be good for a long time with little but proper maintenance.

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