New Gaming Phone teased: ASUS ROG new phone images get leaked indicating changes in design

2021 is yet to have its best value-to-price smartphone in terms of gaming performances. The day isn’t quite far when we would be getting a smartphone that doesn’t burn us while gaming. ASUS is already on its way.

The Republic of Gamers brand ROG teased a new smartphone using their Chinese microblogging site Weibo. The teaser surely indicated the launch of the next-gen gaming phone from ROG. The teaser also points at a major design change on the front. The guess might be wrong, but it looks like the ASUS ROG is aiming at an almost bezel-free screen.

Till now, a bezel-free screen has never been a concern in a gaming phone, so the results and possible reasons for the approach are unclear. We too don’t know how it will affect the durability or ergonomics of the phone.

An alleged live photo of the next ASUS ROG phone has been flying across the internet now. If it’s true or not still remains a question but the image indicates relocation of the ROG logo to the bottom left, and there is a wide white strip in the middle that might be the LED coloring. One thing that is suspicious, is the “air-vent” which has been a staple of the series from the beginning, is however missing in this alleged image.

Apparently, the red button for activating the game mode is also moved downwards, getting in the way of the brand’s ‘Air Triggers’.

Another interesting fact is the presence of “05” in the middle of the image, which might indicate that the name of the phone can be ROG phone 5. As most Chinese manufacturers tend to skip 4 as it is unlucky in their beliefs, this might be a positive point in proving the theories.

Then again, all these are theories until ASUS actually releases any information officially. But with the enthusiasm shown by various Smartphone Giants in 2021, the day might not be that far to have a Gaming phone at an affordable price with all the required features.

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