How to Have the Perfect At-Home Concert

For anyone who loves music and attending concerts, the pandemic acted as an eye-opener. Artists canceled world tours and concerts. Everyone had to stay at home no matter what, hence there was no listening to music in pubs or clubs. Life was bleak at the time. Until, of course, people began to realize they could very well host a concert in their homes. An added advantage of these concerts? No need to get out of your pajamas to watch your favorite artist perform. What is not to love? 

To get that concert experience home, one requires a few gadgets to aid the entire setup. The following gadgets work together to give you the immersive experience you crave:

  1. Projector – Projectors are an excellent piece of equipment. They offer you HD quality videos on screens as big as your walls. Depending on which projector you buy, screen size and resolution can vary, but in general, they offer the big-screen experience for a lesser price than a TV. When it comes to a concert, being able to watch your favourite artists on a large screen will make you feel as though you are actually seeing them live, which is of course step one when it comes to having a great at-home concert. 
  2. High-Quality Speakers – While seeing your artist is step one, being able to hear them is step two. Invest in multiple speakers that can be synced together and placed around the room in a way that you can get the optimal surround sound experience. We also recommend getting a soundbar since they offer the perfect sound quality for a concert-like scenario. Use the 5.1 surround sound system to set up your speakers and enjoy your favourite singer’s voice in great definition.
  3. Home Theatre System – The previously mentioned items can gel well together with a great home theatre system. Combine all your gadgets to make the perfect concert viewing and listening experience for you and your loved ones. The best part? Top home theatre systems are available in a variety of shapes and sizes at varying prices, so you can easily find one that fits both your needs and your budget. In fact, these are even available with multiple gadgets sold in a group together so you won’t even have to buy speakers and a projector separately. If you want to make the concert feel even more authentic, you can set it up outdoors in your backyard or on your roof. Their easy installation process makes a move from the living room to the backyard a piece of cake! Plus, home theatre systems as a whole are a great investment, since you can not only experience concerts but also watch your favorite TV shows and movies in an incredibly immersive experience.
  4. Lights – Another necessary part of concerts is the lights. Whether it is laser lights, disco lights, or lights that make shapes, they add to the experience of being at a concert. There are many kinds of lights you can use to get that perfect experience. You can invest in led light strips that can be installed across the ceiling of your room. These are generally remote-controlled, and you can decide on a base colour for your concert hall. In addition to these, you can use light projectors that come in a variety of shapes. These will jazz up your floor, ceilings, and walls. Next, you can add a disco light to your room to give it the perfect concert touch to make your experience even cooler.
  5. Fans – Get a few standing fans and set them up in the corners of your room pointed towards you. They can help you get the perfect dramatic hair flip during a concert and even keep you sweat-free when you are dancing to your favourite tunes. Although they are not essential for the experience, having fans nearby can make your at-home concert more comfortable. 
  6. Smoke machine – Wouldn’t necessarily call a smoke machine essential for your at-home concert but using one can definitely make the whole experience cooler and more mystical. These machines are available in various shapes and sizes depending on how much room you need to cover. When you’re using these, however, remember to keep the area in question ventilated (or utilize them for outdoor concert settings). Place them at either side of the screen where your concert is visible to add an extra edge to the concert and feel as though the artists are on your screen and present right in front of you. 
  7. Drink dispensers – Make your favourite mocktails or cocktails and use a drink dispenser to get cold drinks throughout the concert experience. Just like a real-life concert, you will be able to get drinks any time you like. Imagine listening to your favourite artists’ concert, while comfortably sipping your favourite drinks! An experience you wouldn’t get if you were at an actual concert.

At-home concerts may not be exactly the same as being there in person but they have several perks of their own. You can pause the concert at your convenience. Plus dressing up isn’t compulsory! If you prefer to dress up you can but you can simply watch it in comfortable home clothes. These days more and more artists have begun conducting live concerts on streaming platforms, so you can easily find a good concert to watch. If not, you can also watch old recordings of concerts and have a good time. Fun tip: play the second video of fans cheering in the background if you really truly want to feel as though you’re among fellow fans enjoying your favourite artists!

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