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Are you looking to advertise your brand’s product or service in a cost-effective and hassle-free manner? Well, we have got you covered. Scroll below, to have a detailed overview, of how and where you can market your product or service with our help.

Before we begin, we assume that your product or service, is primarily in the tech niche, as that’s what we are known for.

First let’s talk about banner ads.

NOTE: The Sections bounded by Red Lines, are the ad slots | The Red lines are only for demonstration, they don’t appear on live site.

Homepage Banner Ads

HomePage Ad
Homepage Banner and SideBar Ad
Homepage Ad 2
Homepage Sidebar Ad
Homepage Banner Ad
Homepage Footer Ad
Homepage Footer Ads

The above positions were banner ad positions for the homepage itself.

Now let’s talk about the in-post ads.

In-Post Banner Ads

“In-Post” Banner Ads are those, that will appear in our articles. Ads can be placed within the content, in the sidebar, or even as a large banner on the top. Let’s have a look.

Post Header Ad
In-Post Header Ad
Post Horizontal Banner Ad
In-Post Horizontal Banner Ad
in content Ad + Post Sidebar
In-Post Content Ads, + In-Post Sidebar Ads
inPost + Sidebar Ad
In-Post Sidebar Banner Ad
In post Footer Ad
In-Post Footer Banner Ads

These, were the locations , where you can get your banner Ads to show up on Tech2Stop Readers, who probably can turn out to be your potential customers.

Now if you want, detailed dimensions and rates of these banners, feel free to Contact Us anytime. We assure you of affordable prices, and professional assistance at all times.

Other than Ads

Well, if you don’t want to have your Ads up, on Tech2Stop, we can also collaborate and promote your product or service, with the help of Content Marketing.

We have really affordable rates, and a narrow and niche audience of tech enthusiasts, who can definitely be a potential customer, to your product or service. So feel free to contact us anytime, we are more than happy to serve you with our utmost efforts.

Why Tech2Stop?

So you might very well ask, that why you should collaborate with us? Well we are currently a young organisation, with just over a year’s experience. But with that said, we have been consistently improving our rankings, and overall traffic, over the past year in operations.

Our readers, are primarily tech enthusiasts, who look for solutions to various technical problems, and wanna stay updated with what’s happening around the World of Tech.

And as we thrive to develop Tech2Stop, as the

“OneStop Destination For Everything Tech”

With that said, here are some stats for tech2stop, over the past one year.

Google Stats
Google Stats Till 30th May 2021

Now, we have also been an Amazon Associate Partner, thus, let’s see how our visitors also generated revenue for Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Stats
Amazon Affiliate Stats | Do note, we use multiple associate ids, hence the varied Data

Now, from the above infographics, let’s sum up the figures.

773,00040,00023,499266Rs. 393,181

So, from the above chart, you can get an idea of how beneficial our collaboration, can be for your business. (Depending Upon Your Scale).

The Stats, and Figures aside, Tech2Stop, also has some additional benefits like,

  • 90+ PageSpeed Score
  • AMP – Support for Mobile Users
  • Tech2Stop is a Google News Approved Publisher
Google News Approved
Google News Approved

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Google Page Speed Score
Google Page Speed Score


With all, that said if you have any other queries, suggestions, or remarks feel free to contact us here.

You can also drop us a mail at [email protected]