OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei introducing his new Venture on January 27

Carl Pei, former OnePlus Executive has started on a new venture. The new venture is related to an audio company, which is still behind the curtains. Carl Pei didn’t get into details and only shared that the new brand will be announced on January 27. He took Twitter to share the update and convey his gratitude towards his supporters and seed investors.

Carl Pei has been a public face in the SmartPhone world as the co-founder of the OnePlus. But he left the company earlier this year to carry out his own ventures.

According to Pei’s Wired interview, his new company is audio related and will focus on multiple products than just headphones. He didn’t give any brief about when or what we are going to get from his company as he only concluded that we can expect multiple audio hardware products coming from his company in the next year.

Pei revealed that his new company has already accrued $7 million from its seed investors which include prominent faces like Apple’s former Vice President Tony Fadell, Reddit’s co-founder Steve Huffman, YouTuber Casey Neistat, and Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin.

This doesn’t end here, he also posted several job listings for the new company on his Twitter account, with job openings in India and the UK. While the listings don’t give any prominent image of what’s coming next, but a listing for a software UI designer reveals that an Android app also forms part of these plans.

Pei also reflected a bit upon why he left OnePlus.

“OnePlus is a really large company, compared to where we were when we were just started. And once the company is larger, you’re kind of set in your strategy,” Pei explained. “So, by turning a blank page, I can be a lot more creative with what I choose to spend my time on.”

The audio consumer space is quite crowded, so it will be interesting to see what does Pei has in his basket. Also, this new venture is making employment scopes, which is a fact of hope too.

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