This Computer Chip Simulates the Future Faster Than Physics

As we’re shifting towards the future, computer companies are making their chipsets more and more effective. For example, Apple’s newest M1 chip has 16 billion transistors and is crazy fast in comparison with different SoCs like Intel’s i9 chips. However, regardless of how quick Apple’s new computer chips are, these can not simulate the future “faster than the laws of physics”. Well, it turns out there actually is one supercomputer chip that may perform the aforementioned task.

Dubbed as the Cerebras CS-1 chip, this 462 sq cm chipset is at present the largest chip on the planet, containing around 1.2 trillion transistors. That is a 75000% increase in the number of transistors in comparison with Apple’s newest SoC.

It is termed as “the world’s most powerful AI-compute system” and was developed for the US Department of Energy by the organization’s Energy Technology Laboratory. So recently, the researchers put the Cerebras CS-1 to test by simulating combustion within a powerplant.

They fed all the necessary data about the present operating conditions of the powerplant to the supercomputer. Then, the researchers waited for its 1.2 trillion transistors to analyze the info and simulate the future condition of the powerplant.

The Cerebras CS-1 took over one million variables, together with 3D air motion and fluctuating temperatures, and analyzed them to show the possible future of the powerplant faster than in real-time.

“The CS-1 is the first-ever system to demonstrate sufficient performance to simulate over a million fluid cells faster than real-time. This means that when the CS-1 is used to simulate a power plant based on data about its present operating conditions, it can tell you what is going to happen in the future faster than the laws of physics produce that same result.”, read a blog published by the researchers.

Moving into the future, the Cerebras staff is planning to launch a second-generation CS chip that may include 2.6 trillion transistors. Until then, they are going to be using the present CS-1 chip to train neural networks and simulate superior simulations of real-world situations.

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