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The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference is a conference annually held by Apple Inc. in San Jose, California. Apple uses the event to showcase its new software and technologies for software developers. Attendees can participate in hands-on labs with Apple engineers and attend in-depth sessions covering a wide variety of topics.

For the first time in Apple history, WWDC was made virtually accessible to everyone, due to the ongoing CoronaVirus pandemic. This made the conference accessible to all the 23 million registered Apple developers from over 155 countries. While this maybe a bummer to many, who wanted in hand view of the products, this made the conference accessible to anyone who is intrested.

Today on 22nd June, Apple kicks off WWDC 2020 with a Live Keynote Event, making major announcements, setting the stage for the rest of the week.

WWDC 2020

The keynote provided us with some of the major details of the upcoming Softwares, and the Improved Operating Systems, and some details about the upcoming Hardwares. The main focus of the event is Software.

We at Tech2Stop covered all the new announcements made today. Let’s go through them.

Everything announced at WWDC 2020

Apple debuted new versions of iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, TV OS, Watch OS, and each one contains their own long list of features. Apple also gave us a sneak-peek at their new ARM based processor, that all Apple Macs would have from 2022.

iOS 14

  • Apple unveils the new iOS 14, featuring App Library, new Widgets, Picture-in-Picture and much more
  • iOS 14 introduces ‘App Library’ that automatically organises apps in your Home Page
  • With the new Widgets section, you can now add widgets directly to your Home Screen
  • With the new ‘Smart Stack’ widget, you can add only now widget on your Home Screen, and swipe through widgets in it
  • iOS 14 introduces Picture-in-Picture, so that you can be on a FaceTime call, watch a video, and do other work on your iPhone at the same time!
  • In iOS 14, Siri does not take the whole screen anymore, and can now send audio messages, and even help you with translation
  • In Messages, you can now pin conversations, and Apple also introduced ‘in-line replies’ and ‘mentions’
  • Maps is now improved, with better Look Around feature, and adding support for cycling routes
  • With CarPlay, Apple introduces digital Car Keys, that can be sent over messages! With time, more cars will implement this feature
  • With App Store, Apple introduces ‘App Clips’
  • In a long awaited feature, Phone calls now does not take up the whole screen. Instead, it will be just like a notification dropdown.

Catch up everything on iOS 14

iPadOS 14

  • Apple unveils the new iPad OS with new widgets, and Universal Search
  • New and improved Side Bars in iPad Apps, such as Files and Photos will improve navigation and functionality
  • Incoming Phone calls to the iPad will look like a notification dropdown
  • Siri is now just a single icon, at the bottom right corner of the screen
  • Apple introduces spotlight search to the iPad, through which you can search anything through any app, or even websites
  • With the new Apple Pencil improvements, Apple introduces ‘Scribble’. Also, now any hand written text can be directly converted into type text.

Catch up everything on iPad OS 14


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wwdc-2020-airpods-720x720.jpg
  • AirPods can now seamlessly switch between different devices
  • AirPods Pro now support Surround Sound Audio

Catch up everything on the new AirPods

MacOS Big Sur

  • Apple unveils many features including new widgets, Control Centre, Sidebars, and much more!
  • Apple introduces improved top-to-bottom Side Bars in many native Apps
  • Improved Toolbar in Mail
  • Introducing a new Control Centre in Mac!
  • New widgets for the Mac
  • MeMojis can be created and sent right from the Mac
  • In Safari, Apple introduced some big changes, including the new Ability to customise new Safari Pages
  • Safari now has an improved tabs management feature available with better privacy and security
  • Introduces Virtualization for Mac, so that you can run Linux directly from the MacOS
  • Improved Rosita 2 can be used to run iPad and iOS Apps directly on the Mac

Catch up everything on MacOS Big Sur

WatchOS 7

  • Apple introduces Face Sharing, Smarter Workouts App, and much more
  • With Face Fharing, you can download new Watch Faces from App Store, Websites, and even from friends and family
  • With improves support for Apple Maps, you can get directions directly on your watch face
  • With improved Workouts App, the Apple Watch now supports more types of workouts and can even support many types of Dance as a workout.
  • The iPhone Workouts app is completely redesigned
  • Apple introduces the ‘Wind Down’ functionality
  • Apple introduces support for Hand Wash

Catch up everything on WatchOS 7

TvOS 14

  • Support foe Xbox Elite 2
  • Improved support for Apple Arcade
  • Introduces Picture-in-picture in Apple TV
  • New and original Apple TV+ Shows

Catch up everything on TvOS 14

Other Announcements

  • Support for Smart Adaptive Lighting in the Home App
  • Developers Kit to have the new Apple A12Z SoC with 16GB Ram, 512GB SSD Storage
  • New Privacy Features announced
  • Redesigned Siri

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