Can we now run macOS on our iPad Pro? – WWDC 2020

If you have read our full WWDC 2020 coverage, you already know about Apple’s plan to move to ARM-based in house chips or rather Apple Silicon. You can read our detailed article on Apple’s new announcement about this change, but on a brief note, the tech giant is basically introducing it’s in house mobile processors to the macOS platform with the macOS Big Sur.


What are the chances of running macOS on an iPad?

Well again referring to our WWDC coverage, Apple mentioned that with this new chipset upgrade and a few new tweaks on the software front users are now able to run iOS and iPad OS apps on their macOS system. Also in the event, Apple’s intention was to promote cross-platform development, which in simple words means that developers can now easily code their app for only one platform and the app will be operational on the rest of the apps as well.

So with all that there lies a strong possibility of running macOS on iPad. The simple reason being if macOS can be run on iPad SOCs and the iPadOS apps can also run in there, then why not vice versa?

Is there any official Statement on running macOS on iPad Pros ?

Well, clearly the answer is no. Simply because Apple means to close in the gap of usability between the two sets of devices, but at the same time it wants to keep them two distinguished sets of product lines meant for different demographics of customers.

Is there a way we can run macOS on our iPads?

Well, currently no, but you can expect some kind of development to take place, once the ARM based MacBooks are out there in the market, and people, especially Developers can get deep inside the systems to probably find out a viable way to run iPad OS on our MacBooks.

You can experience macOS running on the iPad.

Though you are not able to run macOS on your iPad , just now, there’s one way to experience the same.


  1. A modern MacBook (anything from 2018) running macOS Catalina

2. A iPad (not all iPads are supported) running latest iPadOS

3. A stable Wifi or A lightning to USB-A / USB-C cable

Now you can easily run SideCar on your MacBook and thus cast your screen on your iPad seamlessly both wired and wirelessly.To get the detailed tutorial on how to connect your Mac to iPad and use your iPad as a second screen just google it, and you will get the answer.

Though not a direct install , but atleast you can experience how macOS will feel on your iPad.

So guys that’s it for this article.

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