PUBG Mobile Finally coming back to India with a new name – Battlegrounds Mobile India

Saying Goodbye to PUBG Mobile was not easy last year, for many gamers. But now, it might be back under a new name – Battlegrounds Mobile India! There is still a huge confusion over the launch date, but Krafton might be planning to launch the game as soon as May 2021, which is this month. But it is supported to be the Indian version of the game, so many of the game mechanics and the game itself are supposed to be different. But how different? We don’t know yet.

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In an official release, Krafton states that Battlegrounds Mobile India will offer a “world-class AAA multiplayer gaming experience”, further adding that it will feature “exclusive in-game events like outfits and features, and will have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues.” However, gamers who frequently participated in international PUBG Mobile events through the game would be disheartened to note that Krafton has already confirmed that Battlegrounds Mobile India will only be available to play within India. Therefore, it is likely that the game will work similarly to Game For Peace, the parallel port of the game that Krafton operates in China.

What we do have now is their Official Website, which links to a single 10s Youtube Video.

But since this version of PUBG is supposed to be heavily censored, it might not bring the same joy of playingh the game as before. But that we will only know once it is released.

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