WatchOS 8 launched in Apple’s WWDC 2021 | Everything you Need to Know


Apple, every year comes up with its WWDC event, around this time of the year. Just like we covered WWDC 2020, we are also here to discuss what’s announced in the WWDC 2021 event. We have already discussed, what we expected at the WWDC 2021 event, but let’s see whether our expectations matched the announcements.

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In WWDC 2021, a lot of announcements were made, with regards to iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, and Watch OS. In this article let’s discuss the announcements regards to Watch OS 8

We believe a summarised overview of the new Watch OS 8 , is worth giving a read.

Here are the note-worthy changes.

Design Changes in WatchOS 8

Portrait Watch face

Portrait Watch face
Portrait Watch face

Now in WachOS 8, you can add portrait images from your iPhones as your watch face and play around with the time placement to customise your watch face. WatchOS 8 takes the picture and makes a layered watch face to interact with the Apple watch crown.

Redesigned Photos App

WatchOS 8 brings a brand-new Photos App with memory highlights, mosaic distribution of images etc. Furthermore, you can now share pictures through the photos app on the Apple Watch with your friends and family.

Health Changes in WatchOS 8

New Breath App

New Breath App

The new breathe app now has a slower and gentle animation for you to be mindful and breathe better from now on.

New Sleep App

respiratory changes
respiratory changes

WatchOS 8 now monitors your respiratory behaviours while you are asleep along with your heart rate, blood oxygen and notifies you if it sees a trend in your respiratory changes so that you can act on it as quickly as possible.



It is a positive message accompanied by a pleasing animation to increased positivity and well-being.

Fitness Changes in WatchOS 8

All new workouts

Fitness Changes in WatchOS 8
Fitness Changes in WatchOS 8

With the latest edition of WatchOS, Apple has now added an all-new Tai Chi workout and a brand-new Pilates exercise to help you improve your training and remain fit.

Apple Fitness+ Changes

Apple is now adding Jeanette Jenkins fitness workout to Apple Fitness+ and adding artist Spotlight series. Each playlist features a series of exercises with the music from your favourite artists, helping you work on your fitness, allowing you to keep active and fit.


The Watch OS 8 beta should be available from July, and the final version should roll out later in Fall. The changes this year, are quite small yet handy and useful. Do comment down below with your favorite feature of Watch OS 8.

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