Everything we can expect from WWDC 2021

Before hopping into the details of what the event has in store for us, we must know what is this event for.

We will give you an overall walkthrough about the whole event.

What is WWDC?

WWDC stands for World Wide Developers Conference, which is organized by Apple. It is an informative Conference, that is usually held in California. But recently due to the rise of COVID all over the world, they have digitalised themselves, and now hold an olnine conference, that can be watched from all over the world.

When is it Occurring?

It is a four day event that starts from 7th June 2021 and ends on 11th June 2021.

What to expect from WWDC 2021?

This year’s online conference has given a free invitation to all developers. These developers will be able to access all the latest software that is introduced in this conference for example iOS15, MacOS, etc.

The things we must look forward to in this conference are:

1) iOS 15

Source: https://www.gizchina.com/2021/03/09/ios-15-everything-you-need-to-know-about-apples-next-iphone-os/

According to Bloomberg, Apple, in its latest OS has revamped the way notifications come in. Your notifications will work differently based on what you are doing at that moment. Bloomberg also reports that iOS15 can be set to automatically respond to messages depending on which of those statuses, you’ve set.

It is also learned that they might showcase their design for the new lock screen. iOS15willalso bring in a series of security measures that will be creating transparency in-app tracking. According to sources, in iOS15, Apple will be able to show its users which applications in their phone are subtly collecting their information.

It will also come up with soothing music like rain that can be played when asked to. These features seem to make everyone excited for their launch in fall 2021.

2) iPadOS 15

iPad OS 15
Source: https://www.lifewire.com/ipados-15-5181424

The iOS15 and iPadOS 15 go hand-in-hand. And thus with the changes in the phones, we can expect great progress in iPadOS as well. Till now, it is known that Apple might revamp the home screen and it can load up all the widgets. That means you’d finally have a place to stick all of the apps, you need but don’t want to look at all the time.

3) MacOS 12

MacOS 12
Source: https://www.macrumors.com/roundup/macos-12/

With people still getting their hands on apple’s mac, the team believes that the age of
computers are not gone yet. Last year there was a massive step up in the development of MacOS and no such big rumor has come in for this year. It is thought that Apple is planning to flesh out its assortment of Apple Silicon Macs. Sources have claimed that this year, we will be introduced with MacBook Pro.

There are rumors and news that we might see the return of the old features of the MacBook like the MagSafe charger, SD card reader, and a proper HDMI output. These MacBook Pros are expected to use mini-LED displays like the ones in the new iPad Pro, not to mention Apple’s next-generation, high-performance chipset allegedly called the M1X. The chips used in this are said to “greatly out space the capabilities of the current M1 chips” as mentioned by Bloomberg. It all seems to be a great surprise one can look forward to.

4) WatchOS 8

WatchOS 8
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_e9_V1BEIg

The team has leaked to us that there might be a feature that will allow you to control your Apple watch with just a clench of your fists or with pinching motions with your fingertips. The Watch will also use its motion sensors, its heartrate monitor, and its machine learning knowledge to detect minute motions in the wearer’s muscles. This the part of the assistive touch that is to be introduced in Apple Watches.

5) TvOS 15

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TvOS

It is likely that the TV software that uses TvOS14 will be given the latest OS that will be launched. The way you can use Siri on your AppleTV will also change with this upgrade. It is rumored that there will be double the number of games and the gaming console will work better than ever. Not much has been found out about this as well and we can wait for the actual event to start for us to get a deeper knowledge.

Rumors are also there that much new hardware will be introduced which will be better than ever for example AirPods, Bests Studio Buds, and many such others.


Apple has always been very smart when it comes to hiding clues in the invite that later turn out to reveal something very crucial and large. In the invite, we find the main memoji of Apple. The memoji lets you create and customize an icon which you can then send in static or animated form, in iMessage.

Here the memojiis was seen to wear glasses which may indicate the launch of the much-awaited apple glass. We also find some relevant clues in the reflection of the MacBook screen. One of the most prominent icons being the calendar one. As the event launches all details will be revealed and we can understand how many clues were given along with the invite.

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