Top 20 Clubhouse rooms you must follow in 2021


Clubhouse is an application that is exclusively for IOS and Android users where users can communicate via voice in clubhouse rooms, where thousands of groups are clubbed together. One might have the chance to communicate with eminent personalities.

Clubhouse is an invitation-based application and thus one gets difficulty in getting access to this application until and unless you are invited. Nevertheless, this application has won countless hearts and has a rising population in regard to social media applications.

There are so many rooms to explore, but which are the best to be followed? Here we have arranged the top 20 clubhouse rooms for you to follow.

Top 20 Clubhouse Rooms

1) Human Behavior on Clubhouse

If you are interested to discuss human behavior, then this is the perfect room for you. This is the largest club by followers on the clubhouse. Here one can discuss personal behavior, consumer, and tech start-ups as well. This club is created to discuss every kind of human behavior.

Followers: 537.6k

Members: 30k

2) Startup Club

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you are seeking help, then this is the perfect clubhouse room for you to follow. You can enjoy the stories of various startup-related people. Discussions, events, and great content are what make this room stand out from the others. The ambiance is friendly for all the amateurs as well.

Followers: 468.8k

Members: 144.3k

3) Bitcoin on Clubhouse

If bitcoin discussion is your deal, then this is the perfect one for you. Here one can have friendly discussions on bitcoin technology, markets, culture, and ecosystem. There are weekly meetings that go on in this particular group. Here one can gain knowledge and information about bitcoin sellers and bitcoin enthusiasts.

Followers: 398.1k

Members: 229

4) Tech Talks

The tech community stands out from all the vast range of tech rooms one finds in the clubhouse. This club encourages members and followers who are from different industries or from diverse backgrounds. Here one can have every kind of discussion starting from discussion to business-oriented sessions.

Followers: 389.6k

Members: 71.2 k

5) Instagram Marketing Secrets- tips, tricks, and guidance

One gains a lot of social satisfaction when getting recognized on an application like Instagram, but how to get that gram? This clubhouse room as the name suggests discusses the secrets to get marketed on Instagram and get success. Your Instagram growth will reach sky heights once you follow the tips given from this room.

Followers: 304k

Members: 7.1k

6) Financial Literacy

Often in our education life, we are always deprived of the knowledge to earn great finances. This clubhouse room is just that to give you a lesson on how to earn. It can break a generational curse of poverty or give rise to a generational amount of wealth.

Followers: 292k

Members: 267

7) Marketing Club

You have a great product that can create great money if sold properly, but how to gain that perfect marketing strategy? Clubhouse brings to you the marketing club which has become a community that solely deals with marketing. The members give their hand and help you out and make you an expert through their advent discussions.

Followers: 270.7k

Members: 198

8) Women in Business

There are times when women find it hard to fit themselves in professions like business in patriarchal societies. The clubhouse has womxn in business which is the largest room specially created for women. This is a safe place for women’s empowerment.

Followers: 223k

Members: 125.4k

9) Stock Market Moves

Want to find a place where you can get updates about the stock market? This clubhouse room is the right one for you. For the traders and aspiring traders, this room provides financial freedom to these people by detailing them about the stock market. The market information here can change your lives.

Followers: 216.7k

Members: 16k

10) The Mindful Creative

Feeling low? Not getting your best self at hand? This clubhouse room is your safe place. This is created for the creative community with brief, mindful moments, this room creates mindfulness practice that cultivates peace and reduces your inner stress.

Followers: 213.7k

Members: 5.6k

11) Meditation Room on Clubhouse

If you want to find a place in the clubhouse that can help you meditate and find your inner zen, then this is the perfect room for you. The community members lead the way and create a perfect session for you all where you can ease your mind and meditate.

Followers: 210.3k

Members: 28

12) Future of Work

If you have something in mind, this will become your ultimate destination, encouraging the followers and members to discuss their future of work, entrepreneurship, and various other things. This is the perfect place for giving you a place for your own development.

Followers: 202.6k

Members: 5k

13) The Hustler Club

This room is the largest entrepreneur community in the clubhouse. Here all the hustlers, aspiring creators can come out and have a conversation they had been wanted to do for a long. This is a safe place for dreamers and fighters.

Followers: 200.8k

Members: 34.7k

14) Talk Nerdy to Me

A clubhouse for tech, science, and culture and a place where you won’t be judged because of your intellect. The members and followers take discussions about STEM and culture. You can not only get into the discussions but also can give your feedback. It is a place where your opinion matters.

Followers: 193.2k

Members: 45.3k

15) Digital Marketing Society

Digital marketing has created a huge impact on the product business. With the pandemic hitting hard and no other place to promote your product physically, digital marketing has become the savior to many. Don’t know how to promote yourself digitally? Here you are educated on how to apply digital marketing strategies and grow your brand.

Followers: 188.6k

Members: 6.1k

16) Too Broke for Therapy

Are you out of money and in dire need to release your mental stress? This therapeutic clubroom will help you to advocate your mental health and get you out of that mental pressure that you had been dealing with. This is a safe place that will become your support system.

Followers: 178.6k

Members: 6.7k

17) Good Time on Clubhouse

Often in our busy lives, we miss out on news and this club room does just that to keep you updated. This room is specially created to give you a fair wrap-up of all the news created related to tech and cultural events.

Followers: 174.5k

Members: 534

18) Data and AI

This clubhouse room is created where all the members and followers can discuss the various trends and topics that are related to data, machine learning and also AI which stands for artificial intelligence. This is a safe place for all techie people out there.

Followers: 166.4k

Members: 2k

19) Design with Purpose

This room is hosted for everyone to discuss conscientious and multidisciplinary design. Here the blending of technical equipment with our daily life chores is discussed and worked on. These sessions give information and a sense of creative output regarding 2D and 3D designs.

Followers: 163k

Members: 6.4k

20) English Language

Often at times, we might have a weakness when it comes to interacting with people all around. This room will give you an opportunity to speak with people from different places that will come together and speak in one universal language- English.

Followers: 159.7k

Members: 21.4k


Clubhouse has stood out in recent times and has now been launched in India as well. Whether you are a techie guy or an influencer, there is room for everyone present in the clubhouse. The clubhouse rooms introduced here stand among the best out of the lot and will surely become your safe space, based on your interest.

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When do these sessions open?

This solely depends on the club. Sometimes, it’s everyday and other times once a week.

Can one join directly?

In order to join in these clubs, one needs to get an invite from it’s members.

When was it launched in india?

Clubhouse was launched in India on 21st may 2021.

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