Clubhouse App: A Detailed Insight


If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to show their face while speaking or you want to have the feel of a podcast in the live stream facility, then install the latest mobile application right now.

For an application created amidst the chaos of Covid 19 in the year 2020, this has gained a huge amount of users within a very short amount of time. But what is that USP that makes everyone download this application?

Let us have a detailed insight into this app.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse app
Clubhouse app

Clubhouse is basically is an invitation-only audio chat social networking application. This app was developed by the Alpha Exploration Co and found by Paul Devison who was a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and Rohan Seth who is a former employee of Google.

Competing with apps like Facebook and WhatsApp, this application has similar login facilities. One has to create a profile in this app to use this application. Not only chat but here you can see a list of virtual chatrooms in which you are a part of.

Not only will this app take a list of your favorite chatrooms but will search similar chatrooms for you according to an algorithm. This app has created a stir among the users and has become everyone’s favorite.

Origin of Clubhouse

The purpose of Clubhouse actually initiated and finally launched by Rohan Sethi and Paul Devison in April 2020. It grew within 10 months before being banned in places like China in the time of early February 2021. After its release, it has attracted revenue of approximately 13 million. In December 2020, this app had over 8 lakh registered users.

This app rose up to its popularity after podcasting an interview of Elon Mask’s interview by the Goodtime club in 2021. On February 13, 2021, Musk tweeted at the official account of Russian President Vladimir Putin asking for a conversation via Clubhouse.

How do we Register?

Before learning about it, one must know that they cannot register for this unless they are invited by someone to use this app. Also to be remembered that this app is currently running in beta version only. Currently working in IOS devices only, the creators have assured us that it will be soon launched for android as well.

The Steps:

  • Open your IOS app store. Seach for clubhouse app and download it on your iPhone
  • To register in your app, open the app and click on get your user name
  • Enter your phone number with the correct state code and click on next
  • You will then receive a 4 digit code to register in the app
  • Copy the code down and write it down on the page that shows you to enter that given code
  • Type your first and last name and tap next
  • Next, choose a username for your profile and tap next
  • With this step being done, your username will be reserved and cannot be used by anyone else
  • Keep the phone away until you receive any notification of your account being ready by the clubhouse
  • You can even get access to use this app when an old user of this app sends you an invitation to use this app.

The procedure might take some time for your account to get activated. So keep patience!


  • Consists of a large number of virtual rooms or clubs
  • These virtual rooms have usually conversations going on
  • They are also a place of diverse events like talk shows, music, networking dating, political discussions, and many more.
  • Only audio function is there so perfect for those who are never comfortable speaking with their face visible.

A few examples of such rooms are Startup club, fit, black wealth matters, and many more. This app can be boastful about its celebrity users like Drake, Kevin Hart, and Tiffany Hadish who have also been of the clubhouse app special talk shows.


  • It has been widely criticized for creating shadow profiles of those who never have used this app before.
  • These shadow users are just a part of the registered user’s contacts
  • It has been suspected that the Chinese government Agara has access to all the audio containing potential information that is important for a nation.
  • There are not many convenient ways to sign in.
  • Only available in beta
  • Only available for IOS users

The developers have claimed that they are working more on the betterment of this application in terms of security and accessibility.

Competitors of this App

With an already successful scenario for this app, the developers hope to extend it for more users in more platforms. Although the future looks promising but they won’t be easy to gain. Facebook, Twitter and entrepreneur Mark Cuban have said that they are already working on competing apps, separately.

At the approaching end of 2020, in the month of December, the Twitter app announced that it’s testing the Spaces’ features. Like clubhouse, this will consist of audio chat rooms that can be accessed by theoretically only the twitter users. Here, the rooms can only be accessed by the people who have received invitations from the creator of the room.

According to the headline’s Facebook creator Zuckerburg claims that he is in the early stages of developing a product that can compete with this rising application. In 2016, Facebook-owned Instagram replicated one rival Snapchat’s key Stories feature.

In 2020, ‘Insta’ as it is popularly known as, unveiled ‘Reels’, a short-video feature similar to the offering by TikTok. The Menlo Park-based company had also launched teleconferencing service ‘Messenger Rooms’ following Zoom’s success during the pandemic.

With this, we can understand the cloning capability of Zuckerburg, and thus we can expect any competing features of the clubhouse in his upcoming ventures.

How is it Unique?

Clubhouse has indeed become a threat to the other applications a few months after its launch. This is
because the clubhouse is an audio-based app that can help you to connect with celebrities if you end up
in the same room as them.

We all have faced a series of spam messages at some point in their life.

Well, in the case of the clubhouse, there is no provision of spam messages and thus becomes a safe place for
many. You just need to find your favorite room, hop in, and yes! You are ready to have an experience

Should you Register?

Should you Register on Club House App?
Should you Register on Club House App?

If you hate it about people when they spam message you when you are just looking for your own peace, then you should download this application immediately. If you like books or stories or if music is your interest, then definitely this is the place. With relevant topics of your choice then you can hop in to experience this.

A slight warning for the potential users is that this app is suspected to have data of the raw audio call which disrupts the privacy of the application, if that issue is resolved, then this app is safe for you to use as well.

So overall, this is an application that you can opt for installing on your ios devices.


It’s rare to find applications that have such a good success rate within just a few months. Starting from scratch this is one of the most successful apps the world has ever seen.

Probably because of the pandemic, the popularity of this triggered to a high quarter. It is one of the most popular applications in western countries with popularity rising in both European countries and Asian countries of Germany and China (banned in early February 2021).

The variety of rooms will provide you a buffet of options to choose from. Thinking about how difficult it would be to find the topic of your choice? No issues! The hallway is typically the home feed page where you see the different topic discussions going on.

The conversations needn’t be prescheduled all the time. It can happen on the fly, and people join your room if the topic is in their interest. An app with an index and many more!

If you are an android user and you want to try out this app, then you need to wait for a while as it prepares its prototypes for the android platform. We must be optimistic about it and very soon hope for its launch.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do we have a video feature here?

No, this is an audio based chat room containing app

What should we do if we don’t want to wait for the application to send us an approval?

We can try to ask our friends who are already using the app, to send you an invitation.

How can the app search for rooms that are relevant to our interest?

By a special algorithm.

Is the app still being tested?

Yes the application is still being tested for perfection by the experts of Stanford University

Is it safe to use this app?

The security is yet to be competent enough and thus it is still unsafe and can be held responsible for data leaking.

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