PUBG Mobile coming back to India!

PUBG Mobile was banned in September, by the Indian Government, along with several other Mobile applications. This came as a shock to the Indian Gaming community. Soon, PUBG Corporation announced that it will not license PUBG Mobile in India to the China-based company, Tencent Games. Although the game is still playable for those who had it installed, nobody can download it anymore.

Following this, PUBG Corporation recently announced that a new game is to be laughed in India, called PUBG Mobile India, that has been made, especially keeping the Indian market in mind. According to the company, it will comply with all the local regulations and would be much more secure. There would also be regular audits, to ensure that the data is safe.

Developers have also announced that the game content would be updated and improved, to suit the local needs. These include clothes on new characters, green hit effects instead of red, and much more. There would also be settings to restrict game time for younger players.

PUBG Corporation also looks forward to opening a new India office, and hiring 100 staff, to enhance Communications and Services with other players. They would also actively collaborate and leverage local businesses to strengthen its gaming service. Hence, PUBG’s Parent Corporation, Krafton is planning to make a $100 Million investment in India “to cultivate local video games, e-sports, entertainment and IT industries”.

A release date for the game has not been announced yet, but we hope to hear a date soon. As soon as we do, we will update you. Follow Tech2Stop for more such news.

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