Best Smart Plugs to Buy in India

Want to upgrade your home in a smart home, but don’t want to throw away the beautiful light fixtures or your favorite coffee maker just because they are not smart? No problem at all, just replace your ordinary plug with a smart plug and make all your electric appliances smart!

What is Smart Plug?

Smart Plug is an automated plug connected to an app, using an internet connection, which means you can easily turn off or on any electric appliance using a smartphone app. It can be plugged in any ordinary wall socket or even better can be plugged into extension cords with proper electric supply.

Ambrane Smart Plug


The first advantage of a smart plug is that you can easily turn off any electric appliance like Bulb, charger, TV, coffee maker, geyser, and others or control them as per your wish, even being away from home.

Secondly, if it is made a part of a solution like, it can automatically operate on the basis of schedules or any other trigger of the security system. It uses minimal energy and thus is an energy-saving solution to your forgetful behavior!

You can control your appliances even being away from the home with smart plugs. Some smart plugs can be controlled with your voice commands or Alexa.

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Risks and Disadvantages

Like any other plug, smart plugs have the risk to catch fire, but if the supply of 15A is maintained, it’s possible to avoid fire.

Not all smart plugs have the ability to dim light or increase or decrease the intensity of any action.

The biggest advantage cum disadvantage of a smart plug is that it uses an internet connection, preferably strong Wi-Fi, so disturbances in Wi-Fi connection will decrease the effectiveness of the smart plug.

It maybe time-saving but it also comes costly, adding to its disadvantages.

Homemate Smart Plug

Best Smart Plugs in India

Smart Plug Fridge Protector 6A with Surge Protection up to 4000V• Safe for domestic appliances
• High Low Voltage Protector
• Automatically trips and smartly isolate any appliance from power line
9.9Rs. 1179Buy Now
Oakter 6 Amp Wi-Fi Smart Plug• Can be voice-controlled
• Auto-OFF timer can be set
• Daily schedules can be set up
9.6Rs. 699Buy Now
HomeMate® Wi-Fi Smart Plug Socket• Can be voice-controlled
• Easy installation
• More than one person can control the same plug
• No hub required
9.0Rs. 990Buy Now
Aviga Wi-Fi Smart Plug 10A• Can be voice controlled
• Controls appliances like LED TV, Music System, Sound system, decorative lights
• Can tolerate voltage fluctuations
• Multiple control
8.7Rs. 899Buy Now
Ambrane Wi-Fi Smart Plug 10A• Can be voice-controlled
• More than one person can control the same plug
• Timer can be set
8.2Rs. 899Buy Now
Helea 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug (Type M)• Can be used for high power appliances like AC, Geyser, Motor
• Voice-Controlled
• No hub required
• Monitor energy consumption
7.7Rs. 1090Buy Now
F5 Wireless Smart Plug 10A• Can be voice-controlled and controlled from far away
• Overload protection
• Device share
7.3Rs. 850Buy Now
Best Smart Plugs

Some other useful and popular smart plugs are Acasa 10A Wi-Fi Smart Plug, TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Orient Electric i-Nex Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Socket Plug, Wipro 10 Amp Smart Plug.

Smart Plug


Smart Plugs are a blessing to lazy souls like us, giving us the power to control our appliances without moving an inch. It is a necessity for those who are of utmost busy with their works or are traveling continuously, as they can control their appliances from far away. It is an effective as well as a cheap take in making your home smart. All you need is a stable Wi-Fi connection and a smartphone, you are good to buy a smart plug and efficiently reduce your work-load as well as the energy consumption.

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