Best Smart Door Locks and Door Bells in India (2021)

Are you one of them who always forgets to keep their keys in place or are you one of those, who have to search through a mess of random items in their bags, or are you one of those who often loses their keys at random places? Whichever you are, Science has come up with a solution to your key-hassle.

With smart door locks and doorbells, you can easily avoid getting tired over finding keys or worried over the safety of your place while you are miles away.

What Is A Smart Lock?

Yale Smart Lock Pro
Yale Smart Lock Pro

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock which can be unlocked using a smartphone or an authenticated special key configured explicitly for it. They also have voice recognition and face recognition depending upon their advancement. Any other person except the owner can unlock the smart locks using the special authenticated key or a virtual key. They are now quite popular among the tech-savvy mass of India and are much safe to use. Some are even equipped with a camera, which adds to its impressive qualities.

What Is A Smart Doorbell?

A smart doorbell is like the secret messenger that sends you notification on your smartphone or connected devices each time a visitor comes at your door. It activates with a single touch of the visitor, and with your smart lock, you may allow the visitor or even can ignore him. Isn’t it awesome?

How Smart Locks And Door Bells Work?

A smart lock and a smart bell is connected to the home wi-fi. These run on batteries. The preference of batteries depends highly on what smart lock or bell you are using.

When a visitor press the smart doorbell, it either activates on touch or often uses a sensor to catch any motion and notifies the house owner. The house owner then can use a smartphone app to watch and talk to the visitor and can unlock the door, also can ignore the visitor if needed.

In this scenario, comes the hero of the story, the smart -lock. Suppose you are away from your home, you can unlock your door to a visitor and also can shut the person out using a simple app. Smart door locks use authenticated codes, smart cards, or virtual keys designed explicitly. Its motor part is enclosed in the door frame itself and unlocks using electric impulses generated by the authenticated code.

Yale YDG 313
Yale YDG 313


The primary advantage of using smart lock and bell is you can watch over your place even being away from home. Secondly, no incidents of locking yourself out after losing the physical key.

These locks can be beneficial for offices and other business-related places to keep important documents and staff safe. Since these locks use a sophisticated automated system, hence risks of burglary are very less.


Since smart door locks are powered electrically or with battery, with power-cut or hindrance in electric supply, there are high chances of you being locked out. In that case, using smart locks with both a smart configured key and a physical key is helpful.

Also, disruption in wi-fi or internet connection is a huge backlog in this case. Although they are burglar-safe, they are not completely safe, as a tech-savvy person can easily break in using previous lock code or by hacking into the system.

They are also costly and are restricted within a class of people due to a lack of proper knowledge. Currently, there are many budget-friendly smart door lock and bells.

Best Smart Door Locks In India

1. Yale YDM 4109 PlusYale• Multiple access options like fingerprint, pin-code, mechanical key, override, Bluetooth, and via Yale app.
• Can get alert notification from anywhere and grants or deny access with Yale app
• Low battery alert and emergency power supply terminal.
• Internal forced lock
Rs. 48,899
Buy Now
2. Yale Smart Door Lock ProYale• Access using Yale app on smartphones, Alexa, remote control
• Guest keys can be used
• Have Door sense that can tell if the door is open or closed.
Rs. 21,833Buy Now
3. Yale YDG 313 GLYale• For glass doors.
• Multiple access option including Card Key, Pin-code, Remote control
• Emergency Power supply & low battery notification
• Autolock & intrusion alarm.
Rs. 21,499Buy Now
4. Godrej Smart Biometric Advants Door LockGodrej• 4 unique passwords, 360-degree fingerprint access, RFID smart key, mechanical key
• Fire sensor, auto-lock, Break in or Damage Alarm, Low battery alert
Rs. 25,625Buy Now
5. Yale Ydd 424Yale• Multiple Access Options including Fingerprint, Mechanical Key, Pin Code, Work with App, Remote Control
• Can get notification anywhere and can grant or deny access from anywhere with Yale App
• Long battery life and low battery alert.
• Wireless integration with most door phones
Rs. 25,019Buy Now
6. Yale J20Yale• Access using RFID card, Pin- code, BLE, Yale app
• Low battery alert and emergency power supply
• Auto-lock and Wireless connectivity
Rs. 6,998Buy Now
Best Smart Door Locks In India
Panasonic Smart Door Bell

Best Smart Doorbells In India

1. Panasonic smart door bellPanasonic• Compatible with both iOS and Android
• Motion detection and 720p high-resolution video
• Built-in microphone and speaker
Rs. 6000Buy Now
2. Wipro Next Smart door bellWipro• Good quality video, with night vision
• Motion sensor
• Two-way audio intercom with noise cancellation
Rs. 8900Buy Now
Best Smart Doorbells In India


Smart door locks with smart bells add an extra edge of security as well as sophistication to your workplace or home. Although in the sense of security they are not very much different from traditional door locks or bells, they surely make our lives hassle-free and safer.

You can also pull off pranks on your cousins or friends, locking them intentionally outside. You can even ignore the salesperson, or any unwanted guest on your door using a smart lock and doorbell. All in all, this is a must-have for those who love to enhance their household technically.

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