Top 10 COVID Tools that you must try!

We have been living with such a deadly virus that can either kill us or stay within us to affect others. A world where every surface is prone to virus infection and things are hard to find. Devices have been created to tackle our situation and keep us in check during this deadly virus outbreak. It is shocking when we realize that one little virus has made us afraid of breathing in the air we live. There are times when we are unable to find the things that are necessary for our protection. With time, modernization has led people to invent things that will protect themselves keep them safe.

Here are the Top 10 COVID tools that help us in this dangerous pandemic:

1) Oximeter


One of the crucial and deadly symptoms of this deadly virus attack is breathing problems. One needs to keep their oxygen levels in check in order to be free of danger. This device helps us in doing so. By inserting the tip of your fingers, we can be able to see how much our pulse rate and oxygen rate are. It is a very helpful tool to check the medical condition of a patient.


  • Portable
  • Can check both pulse rate and oxygen rate
  • Simple to operate and user friendly
  • No need for any electric plug point
  • Auto shuts down when not in use


  • It can’t be closed manually
  • There might be irregularity in the value if the finger is not put in properly

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2) COVID Vaccine Tracker in India


The situation has become such that death seems to be knocking at your door while you are sleeping. This tracker will help you get a status of the availability of the vaccines in different locations. An easy-going website for those who have no idea about the availability of vaccine in a particular hospital they intend to get vaccinated in


  • Check from any device
  • Check from anywhere
  • Get the updated list
  • Accurate information provided


  • Sometimes information provided may not match with the actual case


3) Aarogya Setu App


If you are wondering if you are safe in this pandemic situation or if your neighbor is positive and is it safe to go outside, then this application might help. Keeping a track of the covid affected patients and providing you information on how safe you are. This application is a project that was initialized by India as an initiative to control covid.


  • Is compatible with any phone
  • Independent of any phone OS
  • Your location will be tracked accordingly and you will be told if you are safe or not
  • User-friendly interface available


  • Sometimes the information given can be incorrect

4) COWIN App


Another application that has created an upsurge in society when the world is calling out for vaccines. This application will help you in the adverse situation to register for vaccines and you will be able to reserve yourself a seat to get vaccinated. Just install the application and follow the necessary steps and you are done registering for vaccination.


  • Is compatible with any phone
  • Compatible in any OS
  • Does not takes much space
  • User friendly


  • Your waiting time can vary based on the availability of vaccines in your area.
  • Once canceled you have to wait for an empty spot

5) Covid19India.ORG

This interactive shows the number of cases that have been confirmed based on states and provides the statistics to recoveries and death cases. It is represented in a graphical persona to get a better understanding of the situation in the country.


  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Available to every device as long as there is a stable internet connection
  • A graph is given to represent the current pandemic scenario
  • It gives accurate information
  • Gives the details of death cases and recoveries state wise
  • Interactive in nature


  • It can work slowly at times due to system traffic

Visit the Website here

6) Apollo 24X7- Online Doctor and Online Pharmacy App

Apollo 24X7- Online Doctor and Online Pharmacy App

With the outbreak of coronavirus, it has been very difficult for everyone to get a hold of themselves when we fall sick. In order to protect us from going into the hospitals which have now become one of the dangerous places since covid, Apollo has created an application where patients can talk to doctors with just one application and get the right advice. No need for any human contact, we now need just one application to get a hold of the doctors for consultation. It also provides us easy availability of medicines, where we don’t have to stand in long lines for one medicine. This application is a boon.


  • It is compatible with every phone
  • Doesn’t takes up much space
  • Doctors are available 24×7
  • User-friendly interface
  • Medicines can also be bought online


  • Delivery of medicines ma take time of more than 2 days

7) Pharmeasy


We are constantly scared by the fact that our loved ones who are going out to get our necessities might get affected. Pharmeasy provides medicine in the cheapest deal and you can order virtually by just uploading your prescription. The medicines will be right at your doorstep and you can avail them according to your convenience, staying at home. A convenient application for the current situation.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a high discount
  • Just upload the prescriptions
  • Get the medicine on time


  • New updates have caused a lot of glitches

8) Medlife


This is India’s largest delivery application that promises to send packages in time. You are able to book lab tests and get health care products with the help of this application. This application makes many lives easier and tension-free. Get 15% discounts on your purchase and save money at home.


  • Compatible in any OS
  • Easy to use
  • 15% discount available
  • Also one can book medical tests in this application


  • The customer service is hard to reach to at times

9) Grofers


This application is perfect for families who are afraid to go out in this pandemic and are worried to get their necessities. Now that complete lockdown has begun, it has been very difficult for people to get groceries due to the strict timings and constant monitoring. Grofers comes with a no-contact service and it will send your package with ease. It is your go-to app for grocery shopping in this pandemic.


  • Easy to use
  • Available in both android and ios
  • If you have missed out on any order you can order them separately and they will come to you together on the same day.
  • First-order comes with a growers care kit that comes with- lotte choco pie, N-95 mask, and hand sanitizer.


  • You won’t get your products 5 days before ordering so do not wish for immediate service

10) Google Meet

Google Meet
Google Meet

The whole world has gone online and so have your classes and important meetings. We need a virtual platform that will enable u to operate this thing virtually. Google meet- an application existing long before covid has found its meaning in this pandemic. With no participant limit, this application is very useful for this virtual world


  • Available in play store
  • Easy to use
  • Can add an unlimited number of participants
  • Screen share is available


  • Some glitches occur in the application due to server errors


We have come to a time when going out is only wishful thinking but the world around us will be rotating as the same. So we need to cope up with the situation and make us all technologically sound. Not only can our daily necessities be replenished virtually but also the necessary steps that can protect us from covid can be found virtually. Positive news received can give us a ray of hope. The hope of survival. We must remain hopeful and wait for the situation to get better but also work to making ourselves technologically efficient.

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Are the websites working outside India?

No they don’t

How will I understand that my seat is reserved after registering in the cowin application?

You will receive an OTP that will confirm your registration.

Are the applications trustworthy?

As verified by many users and written in the app store reviews, we can trust these applications.

Can oximeter show wrong data?

A lot of times, this is indeed possible but it’s not usually the case. If such happens, you are advised to fix it or replace it completely

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