5 ways to solve iPhone or iPad Not Charging

There are various reasons as to why your iPhone/iPad might not be working. They can be due to the following reasons:

  • Faulty USB/ lightning cable
  • Your charger
  • The plug point/charging point
  • Fault in the software.

You can try out some of the ways in order to solve iPhone or iPad Not Charging :

1) Reset the device

In many cases, resetting the device makes it work normally once again. The power reset can temporarily fix the software malfunction. Press on to the Home Button and Power Button till you see the Apple Logo. You can also hold the Volume Up or Volume down button, release it. In most cases, this method works and you do not need to go through various other ordeals to recover your functioning device.

2) Change the USB cable

Sometimes the cable can be the main issue instead of your device. Check for any tears on the outer fabric or colored wires peeking out. Try charging your iPhone or iPad with another USB cable. If it works, it’s time to get a new one. Make sure you always use an MFi- certified cable as Apple otherwise doesn’t support other cheap quality cables due to overheating and damaging the device. You can always check the warranty and if it’s within the time, Apple will do it for free.

3) Check the charger

In many cases, if there is a fluctuation in power from your charger, your device might cease charging altogether. It is always better to check through various other chargers from various ports, wall chargers, surge protectors, etc. If your device is charging from some chargers and not others, the issue remains in the charger and not your phone software.

4) Clean Charging port

After checking all kinds of cables and chargers, you need to check the USB port of your iPhone or iPad. There might be lint, dirt, or any other kinds of debris accumulated over time in the small slot. This kind of debris hinders the connection between the pins and the cable. An anti-static brush or any new brand toothbrush should do the job well as other kinds might conduct electricity, damaging your device. With the anti-static brush, gently brush the port and try charging again.

5) Go through DFU mode

This should be the last resort where everything is erased and you restore the device to factory settings. It stands for Device Firmware Update. It helps to solve all deep-seated software issues. Always make sure you have a backup of all your data (photos, contacts, messages, music, videos, and others).

If you are using an iPhone 7 or earlier versions, plug it into your computer and make sure iTunes is running. Hold the On/Off button and Volume Down button. If you are using an iPhone 6, press the Home button. Keep holding the button until iTunes gives a sign, “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode. You must restore this iPhone before it can be used with iTunes.” Click OK.

If you are using an iPhone 8 or newer versions, follow the same procedure and hold the Volume Up, Volume Down and hold the On/Off button till the screen is black. Hold the Volume Down button and the On/Off button for five seconds and release the On/Off button without releasing the Volume Down button. Keep doing so until iTunes detects the problem. Your screen needs to be black for the entire process to work. Click OK.

For the iPad, connect it to the computer. Hold the Home button and Lock Button and release the Lock Button without releasing the Home button. If the Apple Logo appears, the Lock Button was held too long. The screen should be black in DFU mode.


These were some of the ways to solve iPhone or iPad Not Charging. Besides these, if none of them works, you can always take your device for repair or contact the Apple Support Team.



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