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Covid 19 has struck our lives again. With rising infections, it becomes quite necessary to prepare yourself for the worst. Hence a portable oxygen cylinder at home is an ideal solution you can think of, for emergency use. As you know, there is a shortage of oxygen supply, in the whole country, so it’s best to be prepared.

A portable oxygen cylinder is exactly as its name suggests, a steel cylinder filled with certain liters of oxygen under pressure or liquid form that can aid you during troubling times that includes rushing to hospitals or wait for it to be available.

So we will soon discuss the best portable oxygen cylinders in the market, but before that here are some pre-requisites, that you must know.

Why you must have a portable oxygen cylinder at home, during COVID

During the tough times of Corona where hospitals are running out of oxygen supply and people getting locked inside their homes, it can prove to be quite catastrophic for people with respiratory ailments and senior citizens.

One cannot afford to wait for an endless time waiting for the required time and as it goes, prevention is always better than cure, so buying a portable oxygen cylinder is necessary. Portable oxygen cylinders are an excellent solution, for providing oxygen therapy to patients at home.

How to choose the best portable oxygen cylinder for yourself

Choosing an oxygen cylinder is based on some following criterias:

  • The amount of oxygen your doctor prescribes. It is always better to consult one’s doctor before deciding to go forward and buy it.
  • Your physique, endurance, and physical prowess.
  • The rate of frequency at which you commute from your house.
  • The rate at which you use stairs, lift items, use the gym, or any other physical activities.
  • If you tend to breathe through your mouth or nose.
  • Previously known for respiratory diseases.

Best portable oxygen cylinders

If you are looking to buy some of the best portable oxygen cylinders in India currently, here are the top ones you are likely to come across online

Best portable oxygen cylindersRATINGS
1. Oxy99 portable oxygen cans3.6/5.0
2. Oxygize portable canisters4.0/5.0
3. Homesoul Oxygen breathe portable oxygen system3.5/5.0
4. Myoxy oxygen IP disposable cans3.8/5.0
5. Oxykit oxygen cylinder3.4/5.0
Best portable oxygen cylinders

1) Oxy99 portable oxygen cans

These products can be used as a spray or mask. It can be used for the treatment of patients suffering from respiratory diseases, high altitude sickness, etc. It helps in recovery from jet lag and air sickness, dizziness and headaches, breathlessness. You are required to press the trigger to spray oxygen into your nose or mouth and take up to 3-5 inhalations. There are three types of cans

Type 1: Cans of required oxygen purity for nonmedical and nonprescription versions. Not meant for treating, preventing, or curing diseases.

Type 2: More than 90-95% oxygen meant for sports and recreation for non-medical and non-prescription versions.

Type 3: Portable oxygen cans of 6ltrs supplied by manufacturer or dealer and requires
permission from company, plant, or division

Rating:– 3.6/5.0

Price: (Amazon) Rs. 2200/- | Click here to Buy Now
(Flipkart)- Rs. 300 (single)/ , Rs. 3899/- (pack of 6) | Click here to Buy Now

Best Portable Oxygen Cylinders
Best Portable Oxygen Cylinders

2) Oxygize portable canisters

Oxygize portable canisters help you in 100% pure oxygen and they come in four flavoursOxygize Natural, Oxygize Peppermint, Oxygize Stress, and Oxygize Citrus. They present pure, compressed, and natural gas.

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Price: (Website) – Rs. 1150/- (Pack of 2).
Rs. 550/- (Single can)
(Variations according to flavors).

(Amazon)- Rs. 575/- onwards. | Click here to Buy Now

Best Portable Oxygen Cylinders
Best Portable Oxygen Cylinders

3) Homesoul Oxygen breathe portable oxygen system

It is another oxygen can that is effective for people with respiratory disabilities, high altitude
mountains etc. This helps in enhancing your oxygen levels and helps in pollution related
matters. It also comes with an inbuilt mask.

Rating : 3.5/5.0

Price: (Artim enterprise online and offline pharmacy)- Rs. 479/-
(Indiamart)- Rs. 597/- per piece.

Best Portable Oxygen Cylinders
Best Portable Oxygen Cylinders

4) Myoxy oxygen IP disposable cans

It is an FDA-approved disposable can of India made from aluminum and comes with an inbuilt mask. It contains oxygen at 1200 kPa and boosts immunity amidst pollution, high altitudes, smoking, and people with respiratory diseases.

Rating : 3.8/5.0

Price: (Apollo 24|7)- Rs. 499/-

Best Portable Oxygen Cylinders

5) Oxykit oxygen cylinder

It has different variants. One of the variants currently available has a water capacity of 3.1 L and Gas capacity of 465L with a weight of 5.75kg. It comes with an Oxykit valve, Bag and mask, Regulator, and a warranty of cylinders. It lasts up to 2.45 hours and can be used to treat patients with respiratory ailments, senior citizens, hikers, sportspersons, stress-relieving, pollution etc.

Rating: 3.4/5.0

Currently Available on Amazon: | Click here to Buy Now

Oxygen Cylinder |Best Portable Oxygen Cylinders


Due, to the current pandemic situation, the products listed above can be un-available, due to stock issues. The pricing of the products have also become, really volatile as they are increasing, due to more demand, and short supply.


With the second wave in India currently taking place, it is vital to provide the additional support you can give to those who need it immediately. The supply and prices have shot up and online shops are running out of stock. It is thus wise to stock it within the limit so as not to run the risk of Covid with patients already at risk.

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What is the current waiting period for oxygen portable cylinders?

10-15 days.

What is the minimum starting price of Oxygen portable cylinders that provides 2 hours supply of oxygen?

Rs. 5000 and onwards.

What are different capacities of O2 and their supply hours?

2.7 kg — 2 hours 4 mins
3.4 kg — 3 hours 27 mins
4.9 kg — 5 hours 41 mins
13.5 kg — 14 hours 21 mins

Do oxygen tanks require refilling?

Yes, oxygen tanks will require refilling from time to time.

How to understand if an oxygen tank is empty?

One can check if the cylinder is empty by checking the cylinder pressure registered on
the gauge located on the primary regulator.

Is oxygen explosive?

Oxygen accelerates combustion so cylinders must be kept away from fire sources

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