Smart TV vs Android TV | Which One to Buy? (2021)

Smart TV vs Android TV, there has been a long ongoing debate on which one is better. Today we discuss the major differences between a Smart TV and an Android TV. So, before dwelling on which one is better let’s first know some basics about a Smart TV and Android TV.


Smart TV vs Android TV | Definition
Smart TV vs Android TV | Definition

What is a Smart TV

A smart TV (also called a connected TV, CTV) is a TV set that has Internet and Web features, also it allows you to connect to the Internet, browse it and stream through music and videos either through ethernet cables or through Wifi. It does not matter on which operating system it runs as long as it has Internet features.

What is Android TV

On the other hand, an Android TV is a type of smart TV that runs on Android TV OS. Due to its immense popularity, it has gained footage as something akin to a smart TV but it is a kind of smart TV, developed by Google and runs on Android.

It also features voice and speech recognition features and offers various services and apps, along with Google services like Cast, Knowledge graph, and Assistant.

Smart TV vs Android TV

Smart TVAndroid TV
Smart TVs are easier to navigateAndroid TV provides a vast number of apps
faster in performanceScreen Casting is better in Android TVs
Updates are less frequent in Smart TVsUpdates are more frequent
Smart TVs are expensiveAndroid TVs are more budget-friendly.
Smart TV vs Android TV
Smart TV vs Android TV | Differences
Smart TV vs Android TV | Differences
  • Smart TVs are easier to navigate than Android TVs because you need to be well versed
    in Android platform before you can take full advantage of it.
  • Smart TVs are also faster in performance compared to Android TVs.
  • Screencasting is better in Android TVs with Cast, Chromecast that can be operated
    through the smartphone. In comparison, screencasting in Smart TVs needs pairing and
    has a reduced quality output.
  • Android TV provides a vast number of apps for running that can be found in your
    smartphone like Prime Video, Netflix, Voot, YouTube, and Hulu. There are optimized
    controls for a bigger screen. Compared to that, Smart TVs that run on Web OS or Tizen
    OS there is limited app support in its app store besides Netflix, YouTube, and Prime
  • Updates are less frequent in Smart TVs compared to Android TVs.
  • Android TVs have a smoother service when it comes to voice recognition features like
    Google Assistant but in the case of Smart TVs, you have to type your query out.
  • Smart TVs are expensive while Android TVs are more budget-friendly.
  • Smart TVs require a wired connection while Android TVs do not require a wired connection. It is wireless through apps.
  • It is easier to install a smart TV than an Android TV that requires a separate set-top box

Types of Smart TVs and Android TVs

Some of the Smart TVs are LG (Web OS), Samsung (Tizen OS), Panasonic, Sony Bravia.

Some of the Android TVs are Amazon Fire TV, Minix Neo U1, NVIDIA Shield TV, SkyStream One.

Smart TV vs Android TV | Which one to buy? | Conclusion

Having said and done everything, it is ultimately up to the user’s choice to buy any one of those.

Android TVs are cheaper with many more features compared to Smart TVs. Any Smart TV can be converted into an Android TV box while the reverse is not true. However, Smart TVs are easier to navigate and faster than Android TVs.

So, it is entirely up to the user.

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Which Smart TV brands are the best?

Some of the best Smart TV brands are LG, Samsung, Panasonic.

Can Smart TV work without Internet connection?

Streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix don’t support viewing offline but it can work through a USB portal.

Can apps be downloaded in Smart TVs?

Yes, apps can be downloaded but app libraries are limited so one cannot download unlimited apps.

Can Android TV box be used on Smart TV?

Yes, one can use an Android TV box on any TV that has HDMI support.

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