The fastest 5G network yet to launch its new Samsung Galaxy S21, as claimed by AT&T

AT&T is proudly announcing today that it has the fastest 5G network in the United States, based on data collected from Ookla Speedtest Market Analysis as of Q4 2020. This makes two consecutive years that the company has been crowned this title, beating out both T-Mobile and Verizon who each hold a larger number of subscribers. AT&T’s EVP of Technology Operations, Chris Sambar, maintains that its team worked tirelessly, and safely, through the pandemic to ensure that the company could continue to improve its network:

We continue to lead the competition and deliver the speeds our customers need thanks to the dedicated hard work by our teams. I am determined we have the best and most innovative engineers in the business.

AT&T’s claim comes from Ookla Speedtest, which is an app that collects real-time user data across the country. Not only does AT&T have the nation’s fastest 5G network, but also the overall fastest wireless speeds in the nation. In Q4 2020, the company saw a median 5G download speed of 79.6Mbps, compared to T-Mobile’s 71.5, and Verizon’s 60.4.

AT&T Wireless’ 5G network is based primarily on mmWave which offers the fastest speeds in a limited area and is available in 38 cities so far. The company also uses sub-6GHz spectrum for its nationwide coverage with some help from Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) that shares the LTE spectrum with its 5G network to help boost coverage and speeds when necessary. This is how AT&T is able to offer some of the best 5G plans available to more than 14,000 cities and towns.

The company is soon to launch the Samsung Galaxy S21 series smartphones, each of which will be able to access both flavors of AT&T’s blazing 5G network.

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