OnePlus 9 set to step up the Camera Game with Leica

Oneplus has earned a huge name for its flagship phones, that too within a very little time. Especially, when it comes to price-to-performance ratio, it gives tough competition to other brands like Samsung, Redmi, etc. The only area it terribly lacks is the camera, but the CEO, Pete Lau has pledged to improve the Camera Department as soon as possible.

He took the Chinese social networking platform, Weibo to commit publicly that the company will focus on photography this year. He affirmed that the Company is investing large amounts to the R&D of Cameras and aims at being the number one in Photography through phones.

To be Number One, it has to overrule Apple, Samsung Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO, which are immensely successful in the Camera department. Looking at the current situation, it appears as a far-away goal.

Though the Company always promises to improve their cameras, the user feedbacks proves otherwise. As per speculations, the poor quality of the camera is not entirely the liability of OnePlus, even though they use nearly similar hardware as other smartphones.

So, to achieve their goal they have partnered with Leica, as per what rumors are implying. Huawei is a long-term partner of Leica. The OnePlus CEO is yet to confirm the rumors. For those who don’t know, Leica is an internationally popular Camera and Lens Manufacturer, producing smaller, faster, and sharper lenses.

The Company will be launching OnePlus9 in a month or two. Now, the question is will it be blessed with the Cameras the users expect, or the Camera development we want will be a long wait before the Company finally succeeds to do so.

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