Lava my-Z | First-Ever Customisable Phone in the World. | All you need to Know

The first customizable phone from India

Often you must have wondered how wonderful it would have been if we all got to choose our specs and not be just getting the same old feature that everyone is buying. Lava has just made this possible! Creating, the first phone that can be customized according to the buyer’s choices. Here’s Everything you need to know about the World’s first customizable phone, the Lava my Z

Who is Lava?

Lava believes in the motto, “To empower to do more, to be more” Becoming the first to be creating a phone whose specs can be decided by the customer. Lava has created a lot of good phones and being an Indian company it is quite successful.

We have Z4, lava Z61 Pro and many such phones which have been quite successful in the Indian market. They have innovated a lot in the past few years standing strong in the Indian market.

What is this phone about?

Lava has assured that my Z is the world’s first customizable phone. Here we can choose our own version of RAM and ROM no matter how absurd it might seem. Typically, it will be a mix and match opportunity where you can pick and make your own phone from a given set of specs. Here you can choose the color of your back-cover to the kind of memory you would prefer.

Just like we can choose from an option of foods from a buffet, we can pick our spec from the given choices. However, it has been strictly mentioned that the display, battery, and processor remains the same.

Which features can be customized in this phone?

We are usually given a wide range 66 different choices to look from by varying colors, camera, RAM
and ROM.

Some of the configurations are listed below:

  • Rear Cameras: 13+2MP / 13+5+2MP
  • Front camera 8MP/16MP
  • RAM- 2/3/4/6 GB
  • ROM 32/64/128
  • Color RED/BLUE

Somethings that remain the same.

  • Battery
  • Processor
  • Display

What else do we get?

In this phone, we will get additional features which are stated below.

  • Display of 6.5 inches HD
  • Gorilla Glass 3 screen
  • Screen resolution of 1600x720p
  • 20:9 ratio
  • Hello G35 SoC
  • 5000 mAh battery
  • Type C charging type
  • 3.55 mm audio jack
  • Dual sim 4G
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 512 GB SD expansion.


We can avail this combo starting from 6,999 till 10,999. You can start your purchase from 11 January onwards. It will be a great opportunity for you to customize your phone at a good price and be happy about the results since you handpicked the features yourself.

One can get this by pre-booking for themselves from 11th January 2021 by taking an appointment at the service center. For users doing an upgrade in their previous LAVA phones are assured to have no loss of personal data and the original warranty will be held for these upgrades.

Currently, only Z2,Z4,Z6 and myZ are available for this upgrade.

What is ZUP program?

Another feature offered by LAVA is the zup program. If it happens by any chance that you have picked storage of a fixed variant, then that can be changed by the Zup program.

With this, we can upgrade our RAM and ROM when we feel we have made any mistakes in picking these. This will require an additional charge which is understandable given the upgrade you will be taking.


Given the current feuds, we are in a situation where the Indianization of products is very much needed. When the world is going on an upgrade of its own, we have finally found something that the foreign markets can get influenced.

This phone is very affordable and to get this within just the price of any other mobile that we buy is phenomenal. We have finally the chance to make a choice and get what is best for us.

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