Best Apps to create a Professional Resume (2021)

A résumé is perhaps one of the most important features, if not the most, aspects of you that you show to the employer. A résumé is a piece of document that highlights all your personal and professional details and achievements that is the first point of contact between the organization and yourself. A lot of your employment prospects depend on how good your résumé is. It should be short and simple with the correct amount of information while still conveying your personality, talents, and milestones. So, you need to have a good resume in hand when you walk into that office and thus, here are some of the apps and tools you can use to create a CV that will affirm that position for you.

1) Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is available on Android, iOS, and desktop versions. Most of the students and professionals to date use MS Word for creating purposes as this provides good layout features and a varied range of templates to choose from. It also gives you many shapes, heading templates, images, and texts to select for your CV. You can also adjust the length, scale, and landscape of the CV while also exporting in various formats including PDF. While it is mostly free for mobile and desktop versions, in order to choose from all the templates, you will have to pay a premium.

2) Resume star

Resume star is available on iOS and it showcases a varied range of templates and fonts. It also allows you to create your own templates if you are not satisfied with the given templates. It has many editing features and auto spell-check. They also tell you to only pay if you secure that interview and are otherwise free.

3) Visual CV

Visual CV works on the motto “what you see is what you get.” It is quite a useful app when it comes to professional CV making. You get choices of templates, images, text boxes, shapes, editing, and exporting options (like PDF). It also features various customization options. This works on iOS, Android, and also web browsers. Along with a premium amount, you can access some of the finest templates along with CV analytics that tells you if your CV is getting read by employers and other bonuses.

4) CV engineer

If you want to design your CV on your mobile rather than laptop or desktop, a CV engineer is a good option. It is not that advanced when it comes to features or layouts but nevertheless, it does a decent job of information organization. You will be asked to fill out different sections ranging from interests, skills, education, references, etc while the CV engineer gives you advice on things to cover. After filling out, it puts and sorts out your information, then sends it to Google Drive or sends your employer an email attachment.

5) Canva

This works well on the web, Android, and iOS. While majorly used as an editing app, it can be used for all kinds of design projects that include a well-put-together résumé. It gives you the best visual templates and once you choose your own design, it will help you in selecting your preferred template. It allows you to add your preloaded information, preferred background, shapes, and images while also allowing you to change the entire appearance of your resume according to your wish.

6) Resume builder (Professional/ Free CV maker)

Professional Resume Builder lets you optimize your CV with publications, pictures, signatures, and even niches like multiple languages. With a premium amount, it lets you remove advertisements. It lets you export in PDF format and create your own custom sections.

Resume Builder Free CV maker has over 50 templates and also lets you customize heavily, make multiple résumés, and autosave functions. Since it’s free, however, there is a lot of disruption with ads.

7) Resumaker

Like others, Resumaker allows you to customize your resume down to the last letter. There are various templates for you to choose from along with resume formats. This app is quite popular in Google Playstore. It also allows you to change the color accent and export it to PDF format. You can also print it from the app directly. This app is free but comes with loads of ads.

8) Top Resume

This is one of the top apps to make a résumé. It is quite easy to use along with giving you some different templates and exports to PDF. Since it’s easy to use, the process is quite hassle-free and it is quite simple in its job – to help you create a CV. It does have too much ad support, seeing how it is free.

9) Google Slides

This allows you to share your résumé online in various formats, like interactive format. You can choose one slide to add everything about you with text and images or add various slides for different areas of the CV (personal, professional). It offers you different professional templates and also lets you add animation with various effects. You can email your slideshow to your employer. It’s also free along with being available on Android, ios and web browser versions. While this is not as widely used as the other apps, this might help you to get noticed amongst a plethora of traditional, unmoving CVs.

10) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is mostly a professional social media app mixed with finding jobs and creating your own CV. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular apps to find a job. If you sign up for LinkedIn, it sets you up with additional information and lets you attach your documents of achievements and CV. LinkedIn is basically your professional CV in the form of an account where people can contact you and help you find jobs. It also allows employers to check out your background through your account before they may contact you.


So, these were some of the apps through which you can create, update, edit and tweak your résumé before presenting it to your potential employer. While putting all the details will be your responsibility, these apps and tools can help you to give the CV that final polish that might just play an important part in getting the job.

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