How to Install WhatsApp on Laptop/PC in 2021

How to install WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop? This is a very simple question to answer, but yet many people still ask this. So let’s discuss how to install WhatsApp on your laptop or PC.

Here are the steps to install your WhatsApp in your laptop/pc.

WhatsApp For Windows

whatsapp desktop
whatsapp desktop

1) Open your web browser and search for WhatsApp download in the search engine you use.

2) Select the option, ‘download for windows (64-bit)’

3) After your download is over, click on the whatsapp.exe file and install it.

4) Your WhatsApp will be downloaded and you can add a shortcut to your desktop.

5) Click on the application and scan the QR code from your Smartphone’s whatsapp web.

6) Your whatsapp will be available in the laptop for your access.

WhatsApp For MacOS

WhatsApp For MacOS
WhatsApp For MacOS

1) Open your web browser and search for whatsapp download in the search engine

2) Select ‘Download whatsapp for Mac OS X 10.10 or higher’

3) After the download is over, the whatsapp.dmg file will be available for installation.

4) Click on the file and install it.

5) You can then open the installed file and scan the QR code using your smartphone’s WhatsApp web.

6) Your application will be ready to use in the laptop.

NOTE: Installing applications, are quite easy, but uninstalling specific programs can sometimes be quite difficult for a regular user. If you need help in uninstalling stuff, we recommend you to checkout for a guided step-by-step uninstallation of your program.


In our busy schedule, we need to stay updated with WhatsApp. It not just helps you to communicate with friends but keeps you up to date with all your work. One can keep their work organized in one particular place and download it on your laptop.

It’s always great to keep WhatsApp installed in your cause the repetition of using the WhatsApp web can turn out to be lethal and might be subject to the loss of various important information.

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Can we install whatsapp without using the QR code?

That is highly possible but for that you need install blue stack

Are there any risks of data leaking in whatsapp?


Is the whatsapp file that we download in our laptop prone to virus attacks?

Usually, that doesn’t occur but if you have an antivirus installed in your device, then there is nothing to fear about.

For what versions can we download whatsapp in our laptop?

Whatsapp is available in both 64 bit and 32 bit in windows while for macos, it starts from 10.10 version or above.

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