iPadOS 14 with Apple Pencil: Latest Updates from WWDC 2020

Apple just announced the iPad OS 14 with some great new features in the WWDC 2020. Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic also Apple nailed the WWDC virtual event. We here at Tech2Stop have covered all the new Apple stuff, but for now, in this post let’s talk about the iPad OS 14.

Writing on the iPad Search Bar with the improved Apple Pencil

Now every year, Apple seems to close in the gap between Mac OS and iPad OS, not only in terms of software but also in the hardware department.

Apple at their keynote mentioned that earlier they focussed on scaling up iPhone Apps for a larger display, but now they have designed specific apps made for the iPad OS 14.

Changes in iPad OS 14

1)Redesigned Widgets. 

Like on the iOS 14, they have provided the widgets with a more modern design and elegant look, they also can be set according to preferences both on the home screen and also on the separate widgets area , bringing it closer to the Android Widget Experience. 

For Workaholics and professionals the new redesigned widgets with the professional apps baked in will be really handy.

2) Introduction to Sidebar

Apple’s sort of introduced a in-app new navigation system, called the SideBar both in the iOS 14 and the iPad OS 14. The Sidebar is useful in apps like Photos , notes ,music and many more, to help navigate through the albums and options seamlessly.

3) Siri Gets Revamped

Siri has some new design changes and hopefully you will love them. Earlier doing a Siri search would take up the whole screen and force you to pause in on whatever it is that you are doing. But now Siri has evolved and it can be accessed while using any app you want.

It will have a small animation at the bottom of the screen and then smoothly transition to the search results.

The updates are available for both iOS 14 and iPad OS 14.

4)Universal Search

Apple has now redesigned the search animation and also enhanced it’s features and given it a fancy name of  “Universal Search”.

Apple claims that Universal Search will help users find anything and everything on the system and also help out is web browsing and contact searches.

5) Apple Pencil

The next updates come to the Apple Pencil, and if you are an existing user like me, then you will surely be excited!

Apple Pencil now has a feature called Scribble.

It basically uses onboard Machine Learning to convert your handwritten notes into type text, and you can copy and paste it like you would do with regular text. This Feature is available across all apps and is really handy if someone wants to present their handwritten stuff in a professional format.

The Powerful Machine Learning also enables Apple to recognise rough hand drawn shapes and correct them in real time.

Now you can also write down your reminders with the Apple Pencil and also browse using handwritten words.

Apart from all these exciting Stuff Apple has introduced the Translate feature, and Apple Pencil recognises your handwritten text even in Chinese!

That’s all for the iPad OS 14 updates.

Read more of our WWDC Coverage here.

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