Apple to roll out an in-display fingerprint sensor with iPhone 13

The COVID-19 pandemic hit our lives like a truck and changed it largely. One of the biggest changes to occur is the mask- we have to wear masks everywhere we go. While this mask causes irritation and problems with breathing, another big problem occurred for the iPhone users. The Apple face ID failed to recognize us in masks.

This forced users to input a PIN code for unlocking their iPhones. Apple brought about a temporary fix that pushes the users directly to the PIN screen when Face ID fails.

Now rumors are in the air, that Apple might come up with a permanent solution and even put it into action with the iPhone 13. Bloomberg reported that Apple is planning to bring back Touch ID with the next iPhone and is currently testing the in-display fingerprint technology. iPhone 13 might include an in-display fingerprint sensor.

This means the physical fingerprint sensor, which was moved to the power button with the latest iPad Air, will remain a highlight of the tablet. But it will not make its way to the next-gen iPhone, instead, a second-gen Qualcomm ultrasonic fingerprint sensor can find its way into iPhone 13. This ultrasonic fingerprint sensor is bigger and faster than its previous-gen sensor and more secure than optical sensors.

Apple will provide us two options now, the in-display Touch ID will sit alongside Face ID  as a biometric authentic feature, you can choose whichever you want or even use them alternatively.

The company first rolled out the sensor-laden notch enabling Face ID replacing the popular fingerprint sensor with the iPhone X back in 2017. The report also suggests that there won’t be any major design change in the next iPhone and Apple designers consider this as an ‘S’ upgrade.

Whatever it may be, it will be great to have a Fingerprint sensor back in the iPhone along with the convenience of Face ID.

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