UV-C Mask – World’s First Face Mask with Active UV-C Sterilization

With the rise of Coronavirus, Face-Masks have become an essential part of our daily lives. Since the past few months, various types of different masks have come out in the consumers market. However, none of these masks support Active UV-C Light Sterilization. Well, but now we have the “UV-C Mask”, which is 99.99% efficient against Air Pollution, Dust, and other Airborne Particles. 

Developed by a US-Based Startup Company, UM Systems, the “UV-C Mask” is the World’s first face mask with Active UV-C Light Sterilization, that can protect it’s users from Airborne Pathogens such as the Novel Coronavirus, and also from Dust, Smoke, Pollen, etc.

A Smart Accessory for your Face

The “UV-C Mask” looks just like any other Mask, but it is one of the most effective masks available in the market. 

Effectively neutralizing 99.99% of all bacteria, pollution and pollens, up to 100x smaller than a grain of flour, 10x faster than we can breathe. This mask boasts a powerful UV-C Light Sterilization within a Patent-Pending Sterile Vortex Technology. 

How does it Work?

The First layer of Protection is a Replaceable Passive Air Filter, which blocks out 95% of all particles, greater than 0.3 microns – The same degree of Protection as an N95 Mask. These are usually the particles released from sanding, painting, woodwork, or smoke and pollen. 

While airborne particles smaller than 0.3 microns cannot by blocked out by any other Face Mask out there, the UV-C Mask has a unique feature, The Second Layer of Protection, The Sterile Vortex, where the Ultra High Intensity UV-C Light neutralizes any pathogens that make it through, bringing the total efficiency to 99.99%.

But, that’s not all. Any air you breathe out is also neutralized, so that the people around you can also be safe. It’s Dual 3.7V / 1,200 mAh High Quality Li-Po Batteries power the mask for about 6 Hours on a single charge. They are not replaceable, you need to charge the mask via the USB-C power Cable Included.

What makes it so Unique?

The Sterile Vortex!  

UV-C Mask” is the first ever face mask to integrate UV-C Technology that can filter and sanitize the air actively in real time. The Patent-Pending Sterile Vortex Technology breaks down the genetic material of the airborne pathogens, and neutralizes their ability to reproduce and transmit.

As glass components reduce UV-C light transmission, UV-C Maskʼs Sterile-Vortex uses the highest quality Sapphire Cystal optics and high precision chip manufacturing to power each UV-C light. With 2 pure 265nm UV-C LEDs outputting a total of 50,000 μW, this technological breakthrough is the first time UV-C has been scientifically proven to sterilize the air we breathe in real-time.

Want to Back UV-C Mask?

Visit UV-C Mask’s Kickstarter Page for any further Information, and to Back them on KickStarter.

UV-C Mask was 1,000% funded in less than 96 Hours! 

Show that you believe in them too.

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