Top 10 Google Photos Alternatives (2021)


Looking for the best Google Photos alternatives, after the latest update? Well, we got you covered. With the latest update in google photos, we no longer have unlimited storage. While google photos has its own perks, we have a set of google photos alternatives that may be useful.

Let’s Begin.

10 Best Google Photos Alternatives.

1) iDrive

iDrive | google photos alternatives

This cloud application isn’t primarily designed for storing photos and videos but it turned out to a top-class alternative for google photos. With the cheap prices, this has been claimed as one of the most affordable storage cloud available. The platform also scores highly for accessibility, with reliable apps available on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. This device comes with high security and thus a very good alternative for google photos.


  • Encryption available in both transit and rest
  • Very cheap and affordable
  • We can pick if we want to store the entire device’s photos or any specific file.


  • When compared to other devices, it has 5 GB less storage

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2) pCloud

pCloud  | google photos alternatives

If security is your main motto then pCloud is the perfect application for you. Here you can pick the pictures that can only be seen by you. The catchiest feature of pCloud is that it supports RAW image thumbnails. It is the perfect storage application for professional photographers.


  • End to end encryption for its premium users
  • A lifetime subscription option is available
  • RAW image thumbnail is supported.


  • Compared to other applications, its annual subscription is more.

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3) Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive  | google photos alternatives
Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft has brought in its own installation of cloud storage better known as Microsoft OneDrive. This secure and easy-to-use storage device is worthy to replace google photos. This cloud storage is able to operate well both in iOS and Android. An additional vault is there which takes responsibility and stores your most important files and images. Overall, Microsoft OneDrive is a great alternative.


  • The vault that stores your most important files supports end-to-end encryption.
  • The Microsoft 365 bundles are affordable.
  • The photos section has a separate folder dedicated for them.


  • Since its original purpose is not to store photos and videos, it turns out to be less satisfying than other applications.

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4) Dropbox Pro

Dropbox Pro  | google photos alternatives
Dropbox Pro

One of the first cloud storage devices emerged in the early 2000s. The interface of this device is simple yet very powerful and has the capacity to even stay as a tough contender to google photos even in 2021. It allows offline file access and various other things.


  • The interface is very simple and user friendly yet it is very powerful in nature
  • The storage plans are very good and scalable
  • Encryption occurs when in transit and also when in rest.


  • Free storage is very less.

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5) 500px

500px | google photos alternatives

Another application that is very good for professional photographers. The platform’s biggest strengths are its portfolio-building interface and the option to license images to other uses for a small fee. You can use this application to enhance your photographic skills and earn money in the process


  • Images can be licensed
  • A perfect application where your portfolio can be created.


  • Not very secure

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6) Icedrive

Icedrive | google photos alternatives

Now manage your data from any part of the world using this application. A supporter of two fish encryption, this application is a great storage device that offers a simple interface for the younger generation.


  • Can be accessed from anywhere
  • Provides 10 GB of space for free.
  • End-to-end encryption is done.


  • Sometimes it gets slow due to excess use

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7) Mega Drive

Mega Drive | google photos alternatives
Mega Drive

Mega is considered one of the safest cloud storage applications. This is a very secure application and is available for all platforms. One can use this application which allows uploading and downloading of data every 6 hours.


  • Provides 50GB of free space
  • Very safe
  • Uploading and downloading can be done in every 6 hours.


  • Not available for android phones.

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8) NordLocker

NordLocker | google photos alternatives

This cloud storage device is considered to be one of the best and secure cloud storage applications perfect for those photos that need to be stored acting as an alternative for google photos. NordLocker will enable you to upload all your photos and videos to the cloud, where they’ll be protected by end-to-end encryption. It can allow file sharing only if you want to and thus keeps your private moment free from peering eyes.


  • Very secure
  • File sharing available
  • Free version has lots of perks.


  • Only suitable for your computers.

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9) Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos | google photos alternatives
Amazon Photos

Amazon has a lot in its and it has yet amazed us with its amazon photos cloud storage applications. If you download the Amazon Photos app, you can use it to automatically save and back up every photo and video stored on your is a very secure application that connects your family’s storage together as well.


  • Very secure
  • The device can show the photos from any device as long as the user installs the app in it.
  • The search feature is very powerful.


  • Those who don’t have amazon prime subscription can be at a disadvantage.

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10) Cluster

Cluster | google photos alternatives

This is a combination of a social media application and a photo storage app. This application allows you to create private spaces and gives you the power to share them with the people you want to share. This application comes with no in-app purchases or download purchases and hence a perfect alternative for google photos.


  • No in app purchases or download purchases
  • Acts as both a social media app and a cloud storage.
  • Has private folders where we can share our photos that we don’t want to share with anyone.


  • The social media feature can act as an hindrance.

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With time, we must find out things that are more helpful to us and which restrict us less. Google is one of the top developers with their beneficent google photos has amazed the world all this while. But while restrictions are being projected to the fullest, we must find alternatives. Pick any from the play store and be content with the results.

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Are all the applications compatible with both pc and mobiles?

Many a times, that is not the case and a few applications are only available for pc or for phone. You can pick the best one.

Are all the applications secure?

Most of the applications have end to end encryption so it can said to be secure

From when will google change its policy for google photos?

It has been announced on 1st june 2021 and it might be done after a few updates in your google photos.

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