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While the users have been very much satisfied with windows 10, Microsoft has brought in its latest upgrade in the OS that has brought in excitement among the windows user. Microsoft will be revealing its latest version of windows 11 on 24th June 2021. The software enterprise has been careful as to not leak any important details about what we might get in this particular update. However, the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella gave out a lot of clues about the recent update.

Here’s what we can expect from windows 11.

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Windows 11 Expectations

Based on the leaks given by different sources windows 11 will not be any different in terms of appearance than windows 10. But it is to be noted that a fresh set of colors will surely give you a fresh kick to the old school windows appearance.

It will be introducing a defunct version of Windows 10 which can be better known as windows 10X which will act as a competition to chrome OS.

They have also revealed that Windows 11 will have improved voice typing systems and will come up with a better touch keyboard support aiming at implementing the things the developers have learned throughout their windows journey.

With this, various fundamentals in windows will be fixed in this particular version of Windows 11. Microsoft is also working on its native app store to make more inclusions in terms of titles and as well as payment options. The inclusion of more apps will also incentivize developers to continue working with the operating system.

These are the few things that have given out by the source and the clues provided by the Microsoft developers themselves.


With the release of the new windows, a lot of upgrades will be made. Microsoft has already realized the actual power of windows which is ubiquity. Providing a lesser price to attract more users for them to install the windows in their laptops or pcs seems like a fair strategy since it will increase the amount of Windows 11 users. If higher people stay updated in Windows 10 and not stuck in 7 or 8 then it will be easier to gather more users to upgrade their Windows to 11. Hence the jump from Windows 10 to Windows 11 will not be a very difficult task.

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