Snapdragon 870 is a flagship chip for Android phones

Qualcomm has invariably had a confusing naming theme for its processors, and nowadays it’s adding thereto confusion with the launch of the flower 870. It represents one thing of a replacement class for a corporation, in this, it’s a step below the company’s latest and greatest, whereas still being an associate upgrade over the previous year’s flagship.

The Snapdragon 888 is that the company’s current flagship. It absolutely was proclaimed in a Gregorian calendar month and can be the processor found in most top-performing humanoid phones this year, as the Galaxy S21. it’s twenty-fifth quicker central processor performance and thirty-fifth quicker GPU performance than last year’s Snapdragon 865 and a small amount less over the marginally improved 865 Plus. It’s the company’s biggest performance boost year-over-year since 2017’s 835.

Normally, the corporate encompasses a slew of mid-tier and budget processors to occupy the remainder of its lineup. Their performance caters to a spread of value tiers, however, Qualcomm ne’er quite offered a processor that would out-do the previous year’s flagship, whereas still being higher than this year’s head. The flower 765G within the constituent five, for example, was Qualcomm’s second-tier processor for 2020, however, it’s raw hardware performance was nearer to 2018’s 845.

The Snapdragon 870 is then in an exceedingly new class, transfer a ten P.C. central processor and GPU boost over the 865, whereas still being slower and, presumably, cheaper than the 888. Indeed, the processor relies on the 865’s 7nm design instead of the 888’s 5nm technology, therefore it appears the corporate was able to squeeze a touch additional performance out of the older technology. In fact, the sole notable variations between the 865’s and 870’s specification sheets area unit within the central processor and GPU clock speeds.

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