Qualcomm’s unveils its 2nd-Gen Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor

CES 2021 is here and Qualcomm has revealed its 2nd-Gen in-display fingerprint sensor called the “3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2.” The new sensor is now bigger and better.

Its second-gen ultrasonic fingerprint sensor measures 8mm x 8mm which is 77% bigger than its predecessor, which measures only 4mm x 9mm.

The more than 77% larger surface area translates to faster speeds for registering fingerprints and a much more accurate unlock.

Qualcomm has promised up to 50% faster unlocking time compared to the first-gen sensor. Samsung’s S10, Note 10, and S20 series implemented Qualcomm’s 1st-Gen in-display fingerprint sensor but the ultrasonic counterparts although more secure were slower when compares to the optical-based fingerprints found on most Android-based smartphones.

With the Samsung S21 series launching on January 14, there is a good possibility that Samsung S21 would come with the 3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2.

This is the third in-display fingerprints from Qualcomm over the past three years. The 3D Sonic Sensor implemented in the Galaxy S10 series. In 2019, Qualcomm introduced the 3D Sonic Max and launched it in the S20 Series but it had now speed benefits compared to the first iteration. Now one can hope for much faster fingerprint unlocking speeds on the Galaxy S21 series.

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