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Today on July 13th Mukesh Ambani held the 43rd Reliance AGM meet where he announced a bunch of plans for the years to come.

Here are the Key Highlights

Key Highlights

 Jio TV+

Jio Setup Box users earlier had the difficulty of finding content from different streaming services in one place. That’s precisely what has been solved in by the Jio Tv+, which is a content aggregator platform, allowing users to navigate easily and stream their favourite content from various services like Amazon, Hotstar and Netflix on their Jio Set Top Box. Additionally, a new voice search feature has also been included in the Jio TV+, hence entertainment becomes more convenient.

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Jio Meet and Jio Health Care

Jio stated that Jio Meet is the most secure video conferencing platform in India. Jio Meet is aimed at helping Students and Teachers collaborate in the best possible way. The upcoming Jio 5G is there to take video conferencing to the next level.

Jio also announced that through Jio Meet, it is pushing high-quality educational content for children to gain knowledge at their fingertips. Jio aims to empower teachers, to use Jio Meet and help students with their learning and exams more efficiently.

Jio Announced the Jio Health Hub platform where, online medical bookings and video consultation will be available to patients seamlessly, with the help of Jio Meet, Jio 5G, and Jio Fiber Technologies.

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Jio Glass

Jio Glass was one of the unexpected announcements in Reliance AGM 2020.

Jio Glass is a handsfree glass, which has some great audio equipment built-in for a pleasant experience. It’s primarily focussed on Augmented Reality (AR) Applications. According to Jio, there are almost 25 Applications ready to work with the Jio Glass.

A live video conferencing demo was showed at the Reliance AGM, which was a 3-dimensional holographic Video Call, and it felt futuristic. People could join in for multiple platforms, and also an interactive interface was shown, wherein project ideas, designs, could be discussed virtually.

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Jio partnership with Google and Jio 5G phone

Jio announced Google as its Strategic Partner and Strategic investor. Reliance Industries CMD Mukesh Ambani announced that Google is investing ₹33,737 crores/ $4.5 billion for 7.73% stakes in all Jio platforms.

Mukesh Ambani said that one of their main goals was to offers entry-level 4G/5G phones at a fraction of the cost and for that, they need an Operating System (OS) that would be tailor-made for India’s unique needs. That’s why Google and Jio are partnering to develop Android based Smartphone OS suitable for India’s needs.

Reliance Industries CMD Mukesh Ambani envisions to put smart devices at the hands of every Indian by upgrading 350 million 2G phone users to 4G/5G smartphones so that they can also take advantage of the digital and data revolution. He plans to make India “2G Mukt”.

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Jio 5G

Undoubtedly the most important announcement was homegrown Jio 5G technology.

One of the most exciting announcements Jio made was regarding the Jio 5G. According to Jio their 5G infrastructure and technology are entirely homegrown, which is made in India by the in house Jio engineers. Jio is determined to follow PM Modi’s vision of “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Self-Reliant India. Jio 5G is all set to roll out as soon as the spectrums are available in India. 

Reliance CEO, Mukesh Ambani also said, that this homegrown Jio 5G services will play a significant role in the digital revolution of India. Not only in India, but Jio also aims to export its 5G technologies to the rest of the world as well. Jio 5G will work with its other product announced today like Jio Glass, Jio Meet, Jio TV+ and their upcoming 5g phone.  

If Jio delivers on its promises, then Digital India can be a reality earlier than we anticipated.

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That was everything about Reliance AGM 2020

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