Jio Glass: The Indian Alternative to Google Glass | Reliance AGM 2020

Reliance AGM was hosted today, and there have been numerous announcements, but the most exciting one is regarding the Jio Glass, which according to me is an Indian Alternative to Google Glass.

Watch the Full Video here.

Jio Glass was a total surprise , and I feel it will have a big impact in the coming days.

So let’s talk about it in detail.

Jio Glass is a handsfree glass, which has some great audio equipment built-in for a pleasant experience. It’s primarily focussed on Augmented Reality(AR) Applications. According to Jio, there are almost 25 Applications ready to work with the Jio Glass.

A live video conferencing demo was showed at the Reliance AGM, which was a 3-dimensional holographic Video Call, and it felt really futuristic. People could join in for multiple platforms, and also an interactive interface was shown, wherein project ideas, designs, could be discussed virtually.

This kind of technology is specially helpful in times of a pandemic like the one we are going through.

Not only business meetings, but the Jio Glass is also helpful for education, and it seamlessly binds in the teachers and students, in a virtual environment, and readily takes online learning to the next level.

With the upcoming Jio 5G, this Jio Glass will be a no brainer, if Jio manages to nail the pricing. Based on Jio’s past, the Jio Glass can be priced at an affordable range, hence catering to a large audience.

To know more about the latest announcements, check out our full coverage of the Reliance AGM 2020 on Tech2Stop.

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