PUBG Mobile may come back but there is a catch

Last week, the Indian Government banned PUBG Mobile along with 118 other apps due to privacy and security concerns that were a danger to the Sovereignty of the country according to the Government of India.

PUBG mobile had over 40 million active players every month and was one of the most popular games in India. And a total of 175 million players.

Thus, the PUBG Mobile ban was an unexpected shock for several players who had fun playing the game as well as the players who depended on it to make both ends meet.

There have been several speculations regarding the unban of PUBG Mobile. Still, now PUBG has officially responded saying that they are going to remove all Chinese investment in the Indian version of the game and appeal to the Government for a un-ban.

The officail statemnt is as follows

Official statement from PUBG Mobile about PBG Un-Ban
Official statement from PUBG Mobile

This is certainly for all the PUBG players out there, but don’t get too excited. For PUBG to come back, they need to remove all Chinese investments then show all the documents to prove it. And after that, if the Government is satisfied, they might unban PUBG.

Even if we take the best-case scenario, and think that it comes back, the entire process would take several months to complete. Also, it is most likely that the previous PUBG Mobile app will be replaced by the Korean version of the game, so the ones who had spent lots of money on their accounts are screwed anyway.

Moreover, there is always the possibility of the Government not approving the new PUBG app as well just like in the case of TikTok with the Government denying TikTok unbanned when TikTok reviewed their app.

The most important take away is that PUBG might be back, but you shouldn’t get your hope up too high. It is a slim possibility, and even if it comes back, it will take a few months to come back.

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