How to JailBreak an iPhone or iPad in 2021


“How to Jailbreak” an iPhone or iPad is a very common search, as Apple users at some point of time do want to jailbreak their iOS device. So knowing How to JailBreak your iPhone or iPad can be really helpful.

By just jailbreaking, you can help yourself going through a lot of opportunities to install various third-party applications that were
restricted previously. Before you understand the procedure to jailbreak an iPhone or an iPad, you must know what is exactly meant by jailbreak.

We are in a time where convenience is all that we need. And this is one of the simplest methods and known techniques to work on our iPhone with ease. So here’s how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad in 2021.

What is JailBreak?

Jailbreaking can be defined as privilege escalation in the ios devices. This is basically done to remove software restrictions that are usually given in iPhone. These are usually done in kernel patches. Once the jailbroken iPhone finally grants the user all the root access, then he or she can install many devices that were previously restricted by iPhone!

How to Jailbreak
How to JailBreak, and What is JailBreaking

How to JailBreak iPhone/iPad?

In order to jailbreak your iPhone or your iPad, you have to keep in mind about the version you own. The jailbreaking techniques are not the same for every version of the iPhone launched.

Tips Before JailBreaking

  • A backup of your data is needed. Make sure you lose no important data in this process.
  • There are chances that after the jailbreak, your phone can turn completely dead like a brick. in that case, you need to contact your provider.
  • The moment you jailbreak your iPhone, you lose its phone warranty. If you want to avail of the warranty benefits, you need to remove the jailbreak and then proceed.
  • Be careful while doing this and keep in mind the risks involved.

Steps to JailBreak an iPhone

  • You need to use UncOver for this. First, you must keep your version up to date and then proceed.
  • Download and install Altstore next. Here click on the icon on your device and click the Altserver icon and then install the mail plug-in option.
  • Connect your phone with the device via a USB drive.
  • Again go back to the alt store and select your iPhone.
  • Sign in your Apple ID and then click on the install button.
  • Click on device management from general-> settings. Tap twice on Trust to install UncOver on your phone.
  • Now on your phone open UncOver and click on the blue Jailbreak button.
  • Finish it by clicking ok. The iPhone will shut down itself or you can do it manually.
  • Run the jailbreak application again and tap OK.

Steps to JailBreak an iPad

In case of iPad, the same procedure is to be followed, but we must make sure of the following things.

  • Choose an iPad on your device instead of an iPhone.
  • Make sure the backup is already done.
  • Disable “Find my iPad
  • Disable “Siri”
  • Turn Off your Wi-Fi connection.
How to JailBreak iphone
Steps of JailBreaking


  • Jailbreak allows us to install third-party applications
  • Jailbreak helps us to put themes that we do not use before
  • Jailbreaking makes your device more user friendly.
  • Jailbreak allows your device to access through root.
  • It can reversed


  • It can make your phone go dead
  • You may lose your files if not taken back up properly
  • Your phone warranty gets void.


Jailbreaking is a procedure that can help those users who like to install more applications but are restricted by their OS. One must be very careful by doing this procedure and must be well aware of the consequences. The restriction once imposed by the IOS can now be removed with ease.

Jailbreaking is a popular method in the present day that is used by everyone to customize their Apple devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is jailbreaking illegal?

Jailbreaking is not considered illegal. Yet, it may void the warranty of your device.

Can our data get lost?

Because of jailbreaking there might be chances that we might lose our data. So we must be very careful during the process.

Can we remove the jailbreak?

Yes we can do it. Whenever we uninstall all the jailbreaking devices, we can do so.
How to JailBreak
Conclusion and FAQ
Here’s a great video from Snazzy Labs, you can refer to, for JailBreaking.

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