Apple to Bring Multi-User Support to iPad

Apple, as per current reports, is working to add multi-user support to iPads and iPhones over the coming weeks. It implies that you will be able to securely add a number of users to 1 iPhone or iPad without giving them access to your delicate data.

The patent, “Provision of domains in the secure enclave to support multiple users”, was not too long ago granted to Apple. This patent explains the technology required to enable one or more users to securely access one Apple device. The firm even talked about “both single-user mobile computing devices and multi-user laptop and desktop computing devices.”

“A computing device can employ several passcodes and associated encryption keys, where multiple passcodes or encryptions keys may be associated with each different user account on the system,” explains the patent.

So, as per the patent, an Apple device would acknowledge multiple users via passcodes and encryption keys. And if this occurs, the primary user must secure his/her private data like payment information and account information. On the other hand, he/she additionally needs to provide access to certain shared information like browser data.

Hence, to “enable multi-user access to the data processing system, group keys can be created, such that via membership within a group on the system (e.g. administrators, users, etc.) can enable different levels of access to the system,” reads the patent.

The patent additionally refers to a peripheral processor or processing system which can differ from the system processors. This rather “is a system on a chip (SoC) integrated circuit that enables various secure peripheral and input/output (I/O) operations.” Although the Cupertino giant didn’t point out their T2 chip which is available in many of their modern gadgets, they did refer to a secure enclave processor (SEP) for the system.

This SEP will likely be “the primary arbiter of all data access on the system”. It implies that all the information together with personal and shared data should move through this SEP or the long run T2 chip.

Now, the support for a number of users on a device such as the iPad has been demanded by customers since way back. Back in 2013, Apple was researching how to give entry to at least one Touch ID-enabled device to a number of users. However, that function didn’t make its way. Now, we simply have to wait and hope that the iPhone-makers roll out this much-awaited feature within the near future. Until then hold your iPhone or iPad to yourself!

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