Epic acquires Rad Game Tools-New horizon unlocked for Gamers and Developers

Game enthusiasts are well acquainted with the popular game developing company, EPIC Games that is behind games like Fortnite. Now Epic has announced the acquisition of Rad Game Tools, which is a dedicated gaming software development company making game development tools for quite long years now.

Rad Game Tools remained behind the curtains mostly, but their colorful Bink Video Logo made an appearance in the opening of the title over the years.

Epic has been working with Rad Game Tools for a long time, and that helped to improve their games, now this acquisition will help the entire gaming culture to be stronger.

The Rad Game Tools’ founder and CEO Jeff Roberts confirmed that in the announcement,

Our work with Epic goes back decades, and joining forces is a natural next step given our alignment on products, mission, and culture.

Epic now has RAD Games Tools and Unreal Engines( the most powerful platform for the creation of 3D Games) under them, so the Gaming World becoming more powerful seems quite inevitable.

Epic is also getting along with Sony and snapping up components to fit into its Unreal Engine, trying to develop it into an all-encompassing development platform for next-generation games.

These close integrations of platforms and engines will certainly raise the standard bar and will attract and appease the developers as well as gamers more.

Epic announced,

RAD will continue supporting their game industry, film, and television partners, with their sales and business development team maintaining and selling licenses for their products to companies across industries – including those that do not utilize Unreal Engine.” 

Bink is a video codec for games that focuses on high compression and speedy rendering, both important in the gaming world. Oodle, Telemetry, Granny 3D, and Miles Sound System are all development tools beyond what the layperson would understand, but no doubt have many fans and all these roots from Rad.

So while Bink and the rest will continue to be available for anyone to use outside Epic’s domain, they will be automatically integrated with the Unreal ecosystem. With the increasing cost and complexity of game development, the means of simplification are often taken advantage of.

A request for comment and further details on the deal sent to Rad Game Tools was intercepted and declined by Epic. So this is all we get to know, but one thing is certain. Epic is all set to make Unreal not just the most graphically powerful engine for development, but also the most unified.

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