Coronavirus: The Other Side of It


Coronavirus, the disease that doesn’t need any introduction, has been the cause of panic in the whole world for the last 2 to 3 months. There have been financial losses, a lot of deaths around the world, people’s lives have taken a major hit, which you or I sitting in front of the television can’t even imagine. But every dark patch eventually comes to an end so we must be positive inside.

The Flip Side of Coronavirus

On that note here I bring you some positive effects of coronavirus, amidst all odds.

  • Firstly it’s regarded as nature. We all know that due to daily human activities nature has been hit very badly over the years, but thanks to the coronavirus nature are healing. Due to the complete lockdown in the major affected countries, factories have shut down, there are bare minimum cars on the road, eventually leading to very less pollution and giving the nature it’s chance to recover.

If we talk about what changes we are able to see?

Well if you look at the sky during night time at least I assure you that you are going to see 3 to 4 stars in the sky which was not the case before.

This has happened due to the rapid decrease in pollution. If you want facts and figures, then let’s consider India’s capital “Delhi” which had the most severe levels of air pollution in the whole country or even it was known for air pollution across the world.

So lets’ take a look at the condition of Delhi at present.

Normally New Delhi can hit even 500 on the Air Quality Index ratings,

but do you know what was the reading last week?

It was just 38.

According to various reports, the ozone layer is also recovering at a fast rate and Quint TV has also recorded the reappearance of various animals and birds like elephants and peacocks on the streets of India.

Here’s the link to that video.

  • Now due to the coronavirus people have reunited with their families. I know that a lot of daily wage workers and pedlars are yet to reach home but here I am talking about the people who have been staying away from family due to office work and live a very stressful life. These kinds of people have finally got some time with family, and also old parents have got out of what we call “Isolation”.

  • Another changing trend we see is in the practice of Work From Home.

Here’s my article on how you can work from home efficiently and earn money.

But nowadays every big brand has issued their employees laptops or set up desktops in their houses to make them work from home. This is a great practice as if you see in terms of economic profits, there is no investment for office space, as everything is done online, the travel expense of employees is saved, and people are having flexible work hours.

  • Similar to work from home, another thing that’s been in trend is online classes. Though they might not be very effective in my opinion, they have evolved as a pretty flexible alternative where students and teachers can interact digitally, and also the schedule can be set from a mutual point of benefit.

  • So we know that offline businesses have suffered huge losses and this thing is set to continue for the upcoming two months at least. But on the flip side, we can see new online ventures like websites, blogs, YouTube channels coming up in large numbers, and currently, people are learning to invest their time in so-called unconventional ways of income to make it an alternative source of income in future.

  • Creativity is also on the rise, as people who are creative inside never got the time during their stressful daily schedule to show their creative side to the world. But when you are getting a 2 to 3 months break at home with nothing to do, your creative mind is surely gonna rise again.

  • People have understood the difference between Necessity and Luxury during this hard time.

If you look at the time before coronavirus, Amazon, and Flipkart had millions of orders, Malls and movie halls were always filled, but now no such service is live, so people are learning to avoid those and concentrate on the necessities like rice, fruits, groceries and medicines which are facing a shortage in supplies in this hard time.


Well, the downsides of coronavirus have a very huge impact on society and it is harming millions of lives all over the world and outweigh the positives. There’s no doubt about that! But amongst all odds, these were some of the very few positive effects of coronavirus that you might consider and make yourself feel a bit better in the very hard times we are currently in.

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