Best Smart Fans to Buy in India

How we wish we can control our ceiling fan while being under the covers just to the perfect temperature we need or as we get comfortable in our bed, especially in the pre-winter! Right?

Worry not! Heaven answered our prayers and gifted us smart fans. So, step up your homes equipping them with smart ceiling fans, and beat the heat in an energy-saving way.

What are Smart Fans?

These are nothing but ceiling fans, but a little smarter!

We need not reach the switch every time we wish to switch it off or on.

We can dictate them using a remote control, or a smartphone app, even with voice controls like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

LG 1200mm Smart Fan

How does it exactly work?

Smart fans use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection to operate, with the instructions we give, it rotates and stops as per that.

Some smart ceiling fans can optimize temperature, that is it will attain the prescheduled temperature given by us in all provided situations, like be it a crowded room or vacant room, it will always maintain a particular temperature.

Smart Ceiling Fan vs. Ordinary Ceiling Fans- Advantages of Smart Fans

Unlike normal ceiling fans, we can control smart fans using a smartphone app, voice control, or remote controls. Thus, they are energy-saving appliances. According to a US-based study, smart fans can reduce electricity consumption from about 4% to about 11%, adding them to the environment-friendly smart product in our houses.

If you have good electrician skills and ample technology knowledge, you can easily convert your old fans into smart ones.

Smart fans have the awesome ability to adjust themselves according to the requirement of temperature. It slows down or boosts up accordingly to attain our desired scheduled temperature.

We can control them even if we are not home. Also, they have an option to scheduled prior according to our routine. So, by chance, we forget to turn off our fan while going out, it can either be turned off owing to the pre-recorded schedule or we can turn them off using our smartphone app, literally being away from home.

Orient Electric Spectra Smart Fan

Disadvantages of Smart Ceiling Fan

The first disadvantage of smart fans is they come a bit costly than regular ceiling fans, but you can find them starting from around Rs.4000 in India.

They use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for connection, so a strong internet connection or a closer proximity is required, respectively.

Their installation process is a bit complicated than ordinary fans, but once they are installed, they can save energy and labor, so its kind of a one-time investment

Best Smart Ceiling Fans in India

NameFeaturesRatings (Out of 5)Price
Atomberg Renesa Smart• Both Remote-controlled and voice-controlled with Alexa, Google Home, Atomberg application
• High-speed fans with less energy consumption
• Inverter Stabilization Technology
• Can be used in a room size of up to 140 sq. ft.
4.1Rs. 3,610Buy Now
LG 1200mm Ceiling Fan with Inverter Motor and Remote• Both Remote-controlled and voice-controlled
• Mosquito repelling technology present
• Higher durability and energy efficiency
3Rs.14300Buy Now
Orient Electric Spectra• Remote-controlled
• Durable
• 1200mm sweep
• Power 68 watts
4Rs.6870Buy Now
V-guard Premium Imagina• Controlled with remote or V-guard app
• Looks, Wing Span customizable
3.3Rs.7799Buy Now
Crompton Energion HS• Energy-efficient up to 50%
• Minimal power consumption and can work against a wide range of voltage between 90V to 300V
• Remote Controlled.
3.2Rs.2,842Buy Now


According to me, on the basis of price, Crompton Energion HS comes with a lot of features like power efficiency, energy-saving at a really low budget, its only disadvantage is it’s only remote controlled. Whereas, if you have no bound in budget, LG 1200mm Inverter Motor is really a good choice power-packed with features, whereas Atomberg Renessa Smart is all one need in smart fans at a low budget.


Smart fans not only make our homes smarter but also makes it a bit more leisurely without increasing energy consumption.

We, all at a certain point of time are frustrated with our habits of leaving the fan on, while leaving our rooms and get scolded by our mothers, or even worse, handed with a high electric bill. We often fight among each other on the topic, who should get up to switch off the fan when it gets chilly suddenly at night. Smart fans are solution to all these tiny yet irritable discomforts.

Especially, in a hot and humid country like India, we are left to hang between not-so-cold and not-so-hot pre-winter for about a month, the automatic optimization of temperature by smart fans is definitely a blessing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are smart fans highly energy consuming?

No, they use minimal energy and is power efficient.

Are smart fans costly?

They are costlier than ordinary ceiling fans.

Do smart fan require internet connection?

Yes, they need good Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

Smart fan or Ordinary fan- Which one is better?

Performance-wise, they don’t have much difference, but Smart Fans are more power efficient, energy saving and resistant to voltage fluctuations and also easy to use, whereas ordinary fans are cheaper.

Is Smart Fan better than AC?

In terms of cooling AC is better, but Smart Fans are healthier and ecofriendly.

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