20 Best Discord Bots for any Server in 2021


Discord has gained huge popularity in recent times, and one thing that’s also in trend is Discord Bots. Discord Bots can be really helpful in managing a Discord Server and can be fun to use. So today we discuss the Top 20 Best Discord Bots in 2021. Before that we cover a few prerequisites.

What is Discord?

Discord is an app that provides on-the-go messaging and a digital distribution stage built for building communities. Users interact through video and voice calls, text messages or they can chat privately or as a part of communities known as servers. Servers are an accumulation of persistent chat rooms and voice chat networks.

Discord is a VoIP, instant messaging, and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. Users communicate with voice calls, video calls, text messaging, media, and files in private chats or as part of communities called “servers”.

Servers are a collection of persistent chat rooms and voice chat channels. Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, and in web browsers. As of July 21, 2019, there are over 250 million users of the software.

In this post, I have included the top 20 best Discord bots. All of them are free but some bots have much more exciting things in their features than they provide in the premium section.

Those bots are paid but are free to use you can pay if you want to access the premium services. This article has the best discord bots in moderation, music, entertainment, and games. So, the list of the Best Discord bots are mentioned below:

Here are the Best Discord Bots

1) GAwesome Bot

On the first of our list, we have included GAwesome Bot. This bot might be a perfect choice. This is a highly customizable and a superior bot that is not merely good at the moderation of the chats however, this bot also comes up with tons of features that will augment the activity of users on the server.

This bot can also give rank or if the user is violating the community standards then this bot can kick or ban that user also this can be utilized for poll conduction, giveaways, and many more.

Also, this bot has a feature named a robust extension system that means you can see the results from YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, or Reedit also.

Best Discord Bots

2) Tatsumaki

On this list of 20 Best Discord bots, Tatsumaki comes second in this list. This bot is an extremely capable Discord bot, that most of the online game streamers recommend. It gives you a lot of options for adjustment, setting welcome notices, getting updates, among other stuff.

The bot isn’t only confined to Discord; it also has a dedicated dashboard where you can change the bot’s settings. You may also use Discord to browse the internet, subscribe to an RSS feed, and do a lot more.

3) Dank Memer

With the help of this bot, you can easily create memes in seconds, image manipulation and also there is a specialized command for memes. You can easily generate tons of memes in super-real time while you manage your server.

On the list of 20 Best Discord bots, this bot comes third. As the name suggests this bot is specially dedicated for the memers and it is all about memes.

Best Discord Bots

Apart from memes, this bot has its very own currency system which is funny and rewarding at the same time. This bot also provides a depth moderation system where you can set multiple keywords and images. If you love memes then this bot is perfectly suited for you. For unlocking more memes, coins, and support base its monthly plan for this bot starts from $2-$45/month

4) MEE6

Best Discord Bots

For moderation, this bot is the best bot. This bot automatically scans server for the violations of the rule like foul language, spam, and outside links. The command of MEE6 is in your hand, such that you can buy your own customized bot to either kick, mute, or ban a particular user after they commit much more interactions over a particular given time.

When it comes to playing music on your server while you work then this bot can be used. With the premium MEE6 bot for Discord, users with a higher “level” of server involvement gain access to unique server positions.

An ad-free leader board banner for your leveled-up clients, a music quiz plugin, recording of audio, and the ability to sync with various Twitch and YouTube channels are all included in the premium bot. The paid version of this bot costs $11.95 a month, but you can save money by buying one server for $79.90 for a lifetime.

5) Helper.gg

As the name suggests helper this bot works as a helper for teams and individuals. This is a suitable bot for customer service teams and businesses who use Discord bots for the sole purpose of helping clients.

For Discord-creators tickets are optimized accordingly where you can choose to tag certain channels/server roles to bring the issue to the right team means only the right team can get the information relating to the particular issue and the particular tickets can be fully responded to, organized, and shut down by the members of the team.

All the aforementioned features of this bot is free, but there is also a paid plan which is $3.50/month that can be purchased for unlocking customization of tickets and translation features.

Best Discord Bots

6) Octave

For lovers of music, this is the perfect bot for you guys. Let’s head on to its major and free specifications. This bot helps you to play any music or a song that is available on YouTube or your favorite voice channels.

You can play songs, create playlists, add songs into them, replay or queue songs. For the lovers of singing songs with appropriate lyrics, this bot can provide you lyrics of the song.

For finding more features of this bot you need to move on to the premium version of this network which costs around 5$-10$/month. In premium mode you have the access to longer queues, track lengths, you can create unlimited playlists and many more.

7) IdleRPG

For the lovers of roleplay games, this is one of the coolest discord bots that is a text-based role play game. In this bot, you have the power of creating your own character, head on the quests, purchase and trade items, and much more. You can create your narrative tale and get a chance to interact with the larger world of RPG with so many diverse commands.

This is a free-to-use bot. You need to add this bot to your server, but for this, you need to donate bot something on the Patreon.

Best Discord Bots

8) Arcane

Arcane is a Discord-based leveling and moderation bot that promotes greater server involvement. The leveling scheme can be customized to assess XP and rewards. The Arcane bot involves leveling up in voice chat too. With the help of auto-moderation new and leaving participants can be prevented from spamming, and abusers can be warned, muted, kicked, or banned.

Arcane is particularly beneficial to influencers. It will send Discord updates from YouTube to let your fans know when you’ve uploaded a new video. For $5/month for two servers, you can get more XP setup, infinite positions, longer message recording, and YouTube alerts for up to ten channels with Arcane Server Premium.

9) Epic RPG

This is a bot designed for the purpose to bring user loyalty through an economy. You can use commands of hunt, fight and search for coins, loot etc. when you install this Epic RPG bot. Also, you can use commands for fight with other players within this bot. There is a regular event every single day for every player who is interested in taking part in together like dungeons and minibosses. This bot is rated 4.6 out of 5-star ratings that shows how good this bot is for users worldwide.

Best Discord Bots

10) Strodl Bot

For multipurpose people, this bot is also designed for multipurpose work. With this bot, you will find a variety of entertainment-related features. You can utilize this bot to play cards, go-on text-based adventures, stream HD music, and much more.

11) Xenon

Best Discord Bots

This bot can be used to back up the server, upload a server prototype, and send messages through various networks. These features will assist you in structuring your server and repairing it in the event that something goes wrong.

Xenon has designs in many languages for gamers, educators, and fan groups. The framework for platforms, groups, functions, and more are included in these models. You can choose between manual backups and automatic backups at fixed times when it comes to backups.

Up to 25 backups and one interval backup per host are available with Xenon’s free Discord bot. Premium plans range from $5 to $15 a month and include message saving and transferring, backups by position and nickname, and more manual and interval backups.

12) Apollo

This bot is suitable for scheduling. You can create an event from this Discord, and participants can show their presence by clicking the checkmark, x button, or question mark. You can uninstall/delete the event post at any moment, or schedule it to be removed at a specific time. Apollo will also send private messages to guests to inform them about the event. It can also build regular events for you so you don’t have to repeat them every time.

Apart from the checkmark, x button, and question mark, Apollo Premium unlocks flexible signup options. Premium owners are also the first to see new features Premium charges $5 per month for one server, $10 per month for three servers, and $15 per month for five servers.

Best Discord Bots

13) Tip.cc

This bot will help you out in sending the cryptocurrency tips on Discord. There is no fee on this bot plus you can tip anybody, even though they don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet. You can tip several people at the same time if you want to. You may also make deposits and withdrawals from inside Discord using Tip.cc.

Tip.cc accepts 127 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether. The bot is available for no fee.

14) Dyno Bot

Dyno Bot for Discord is one of the most powerful bots used for handling data on Discord servers and moderating various networks. The bot has a wide variety of capabilities, making it attractive and easy to use with any Discord server operator.

One of the features of the Dyno Bot that you can use on your Discord server is that it allows you to allocate tasks to individual users and set permissions for specific channels.

If you want to restrict who enters your discord server to people you know or trust, it will give you the power. Without needing to exit the app or window tab where you’re chatting with other people on your Discord channel, you can instantly screen out inappropriate accounts using unique terms in their nicknames or bios and blacklist them.

Let’s presume anyone disobeys a rule in one of the networks. In that case, what you have to do is giving this user a position that forbids him from entering the channel but encourages him to connect with other users on your server who are in separate channels.

Features of this bot includes:

Moderation Tools, Music service, Roles and permission, Embedded commands (you can create commands that perform the action), A dashboard web and much more.

15) Carl Bot

Carl Bot runs on advanced technology. As this bot lets you handle logs, store chats, and build reaction roles so you can easily reply to messages.

Carl Bot can be used to program the server with custom commands. To put it another way, it enables you to create custom commands in your server’s chat and make the bot execute them.

Let’s say you have a discord server for a farming simulator. In that case, you might use the Carl Bot to perform farm tasks such as planting crops and fertilizing fields, as well as get periodic updates on the crop’s progress.

Best Discord Bots

16) YAGPDB Bot

The YAGPDB Bot is a completely customizable bot for your Discord server that offers a variety of functionality. It will take the role of a music bot, a moderation bot, and even many more features this bot provides. The YAGPDB Bot is also simple to set up and you can run this bot in few minutes. This bot has features like moderation, music, giveaways, images, and raffles (for events on servers).

17) Rythm Bot

Rythm Discord Bot | Best Discord Bots
Rythm Bot

The Rythm Bot for Discord is a bot that allows users to configure their Discord servers by offering a large number of moderation commands, service commands, and pleasant commands. These commands will help increase the functionality of your server by providing users with the resources they need to provide a more positive experience on it.

The Rythm Bot for Discord also has a music device called Rythm Radio, where you can listen to your music playlists or access a variety of diverse channels from all over the world!

18) Pancake

Pancake Discord Bot | Best Discord Bots

A community of Discord users came up with the idea of creating a pancake-making bot. It began as a joke and has since grown to become one of Discord’s most famous bots.

Pancake Bot will play music from the platforms like YouTube and Sound Cloud. It has a quick moderation process that allows users to be muted, kicked, or banned. You may use a function structure to handle your Discord server. To keep your members entertained, use commands like image creation or Akinator.

It has a user review of 4/5 which shows that this is one of the best among the rest in its niche that is not included in this list.

19) Sesh

If you look closely, you’ll see that Discord lacks any sort of scheduling or calendar management functionality out of the box. As a result, you can use Sesh, the best calendar bot for Discord, in this situation. It’s a dedicated bot for scheduling, notifications, and event development, among other items.

Since there are no rigid formats to adopt, you can conveniently build events in whatever format you choose. In your most relaxed and natural language, create tasks and decide the time.

If you’re a gamer then this would be the bot you are looking for.

20) Karuta Bot

For the lovers of anime, this bot is the best fit for you guys. I think you must have heard about Mudae if not then I will tell you Mudae is another bot that is also famous for anime characters.

Anime lovers will going to be addicted to Karuta. It features over 70,000 anime characters from which you can win and collect cards, which you can then use to purchase more collectibles.

You can swap your cards and raise money at the same time. Because of its growing economy and the opportunity to use the cards through many Discord servers, Karuta has become extremely popular.

Karuta triumphs over Mudae in this respect. The great thing about Karuta is that it keeps going even though there is a lot of action on the server, such as falling or seeing cards. If you like an anime character, Karuta is a Discord bot that you must try.


So these were, the Best Discord Bots, the we recommend you to try out. Do comment below, which Discord Bot, is your favourite and why?

Also if you wanna know, How to add a Discord Bot, here’s a video for that.

If you have any suggestions , feel free to convey it to us.

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