Brave Browser: A Detailed Insight

If you feel that you are being watched over the internet and want to switch to a browser that can give us enough assurance in the form of security, then this is the perfect browser for you.

This recently developed “brave browser” for pc is the one that will keep assurance about your security. Now enjoy faster and safer internet surfing by installing the browser installer just like chrome or Mozilla.

We can use this browser for cryptocurrency contribution in the form of basic attention tokens to content creators of the website.

Here is the brave browser review for you that will help you decide if you should get the brave browser apk on your device or not.

What is Brave Browser

The brave software developed an open-source web browser that is developed based on the Chromium web browser. This is named as the brave browser. Its first version, version 1.0 was launched on November 19 which was mostly compatible with just your desktop or laptop.

But within the month of February and the end of January, it released different versions for android, ios and Linux on 4nd February, 22 January, and 3rd February 2021 respectively.

The CEO of brave software is Brendan Eich who was the creator of javascript and is the current CEO of Mozilla established its brave enterprise with CTO Brian Bondy. In January 2021, Brave integrated Ecosia as one of its search engine options.

Brave Browser vs Chrome

The question that we will be struck with is that whether it is competent enough to fight the reigning chrome browser. Let us see the difference between chrome and brave.

  • Brave loads its pages twice as fast as chrome. Initially, the speed will seem unnoticeable but you will understand it as you use both chrome and brave closely.
  • No provision of ads and ad trackers unlike in chrome and thus fewer downloads done
  • No storage of data on its servers.
  • Chrome will block only certain ads but brave will block all
  • In the case of iOS apple’s intelligent tracking protection is blocked by brave unlike chrome
  • It has better-syncing facilities than chrome
  • Better compatibility
  • Brave is a better option since here chrome extensions can be supported
  • Users have claimed that brave is lighter than chrome in nature.

So the comparison clearly gives you an idea of why should we switch over brave. Not only is it speedy in nature but it is also a very secure device, unlike the other web browsers. It doesn’t feed you with unnecessary ads and your data remains safe.


  • It is an open-source network in nature
  • Privacy is very well maintained
  • Faster than browsers like chrome, Mozilla, and others
  • Customizable in nature
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Chromium web browser based
  • Ad block feature is available
  • Availability of great start screen
  • Built in for browser
  • Syncs smoothly with your phone application


  • It is still in the development stage
  • Lack of extensions and ad-ons
  • Some features are still in beta
  • Doesn’t always works with every site
  • It has its personalized set of ads.

Companies that Choose Brave

  • Websapp
  • dotfiles@20219
  • www


  • eNPi techs
  • daily work stack
  • my staxk
  • linux stack
  • RMW Web publishing


Brave is a web browser that has recently created a spur in the current world. With its security and speed, it has won the hearts of various users. It is a free-of-cost APK that contains no hidden charges to browse. So there is no harm in trying this browser. This browser will not let you down.


Previously whenever a new browser was introduced, it only meant that another rookie has tried its hands on the HTML language and created a better version of what we use today. Now the time has changed and so has the technology. Brave uses Blink but it stands out because its priority lies in the front and the center of the whole design.

The default behavior of the brave browser is to block the ad trackers and various ads, thus making our experience a better one. Rather than tempting you to click on adverts, Brave anonymously calculates the amount of attention you give the sites you visit.

Once a month, the Brave Rewards program will compensate the sites you’ve visited. You can also tip creators directly and remove any sites you don’t want to support. So brave is an option that you can’t let down.

Try installing it and experience it for yourself. It definitely won’t harm you.



Is brave browser safe?

Yes the brave browser is very much safe

How are the websites benefitted when there are no ads to fund them?

Those websites are tipped by brave who has better interaction with the audience. This will be checked every month.

Can the content creators be directly rewarded by us?

Yes we can also directly tip the content creators and developers through cryptocurrency contribution

Where can we find the brave APK?

We can download it from the play store on our android device. The link is:

How many versions are there for brave?

Initially, version 1.0 was only compatible with windows and it is now compatible with Windows 10 but with the recent February releases, versions for linux, ios and android are available.

Do I have to pay any hidden charges to go ad free?

No. Brave is an application that is free to download and doesn’t contain any hidden costs.

Is there a possibility that our data will be sold?

The brave browser swears on having a very secure model and it doesn’t sells our data since there is no provision of storing data anywhere.

Will brave standardize its intent casting protocol?

The brave enterprise intends to do so when they will have multiple partners from different regions to help in it. They aim to innovate, deploy and learning before standardizing its casting protocol.

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