Apple’s Reconfigurable Keyboard for MacBook is in works


Macbooks are quite popular among users of different ages and professions, both for casual and professional uses. But, the users always had this complaint that the keyboard of the devices is too meticulous.

Apple addressed this issue by updating its Macbook line with a new and improved Magic keyboard which still needs some improvements. A recent patent has hinted that the Cupertino giant is working on a unique keyboard with reconfigurable keys.
The patent, “Electronic devices having keys with coherent fiber bundles”, suggests that future Apple keyboards might feature dynamically reconfigurable keys that can be configured as per user needs.They are implying “Control circuitry in the keyboard may direct the key displays to display dynamically adjustable key labels for the keys”, i.e., it’s more like the touch bar, but for keys.

This feature will allow the users to customize certain keys on the keyboard as per their needs. This way, users will be able to reconfigure their keyboards to support a secondary language or create a custom layout for gaming setups and will have their experience a bit more thrilling and personal.

Amazing, isn’t it? This keyboard can be put forward a different dimension in terms of use, especially by gamers, video editors, and programmers.

How Will It Work?

Apple is working on, what they are calling, “dynamic labels” for keys. These dynamic labels will be using display components like OLED displays, electrophoretic displays, or any other kind of display components and help a user to identify a reconfigured key on the keyboard and use it as an input for a specific function on his/her laptop or desktop.

Apple may also no longer need to produce region-specific systems, as a single keyboard can turn into any regional keyboard on demand.

This will be a huge help for creators and gamers as they can reconfigure a number of keys to perform various functions as per their easily while editing a video or playing a game.

The explanatory diagrams below show that the technology can be integrated into, both the MacBook keyboards as well as the external keyboards for Macs.

Apple patent reconfigurable keyboard macbook
Image via: Patently Apple


However, it is only a patent as of now, and nothing is officially announced. Macbooks cost quite a lot, and with a feature like this, the price will be somewhere on the top of the mountain, which may deter some from buying them.

Whatever it may be, it will always be delightful to observe the Tech advancing in leaps and bounds.

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