You can now get Amazon’s First Fitness Tracker Halo, but there is a twist

Amazon is diversifying its range of hardware offerings, and its latest attempt is with its first fitness tracker, Halo.

With the Halo, Amazon is looking to establish its presence in the fitness tracker and smartwatch market and steal some market share from Apple, Fitbit (now owned by Google).

Amazon Halo Pricing

The Halo is no ordinary fitness tracker, especially concerning how to buy one. Interestingly Amazon has decided to go with a subscription model for its new fitness band. The Halo is now available as an early access product, and you could get one for $64.99 which includes the development and six months of service. The most interesting part is that you have to pay $3.99 every month, yes you have to pay a monthly fee for the service.

This price is for the early access buyers, and it will be sold at $99 when the early access period ends. Moreover, Amazon is also selling sports and fabric bands at $15.99 and $19.99, respectively.

Amazon Halo Features

The Amazon Halo just like other fitness trackers, can track the number of steps, sleep, calories burnt etc. But it can do a lot more as well.

Apart from its subscription model, there are several unique features as well; for example, it can measure your weight and a lot more all of which is done using Aritifiacl Intelligence (AI). It mainly uses the body fat content to calculate the weight, and based upon the body weight; it suggests challenges, workouts for you to work on your fitness.

It also has a feature called Tone, which can analyse your voice in real-time and understand how stressed you are. The Halo records your speech every 10 minutes with its microphones and analyses your sound with the help of AI. If you want, you can also enable Live mode, which analyses your speech in real-time.

The tone feature can be turned off by long-pressing the button on the Halo Fitness band. One might be sceptical as to how the sound being recorded by the microphones is used. But there is no reason to worry, according to Amazon, because the data is not sent to the cloud.

If you are looking to order and dont live in the US one of these, then you are out of luck, since it is only available in the US for now.

Let’s hope that it becomes available in other countries, including India, when the early access period is over. It would be fascinating to see how useful these unique features are in practical scenarios.

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