What is e-RUPI? How Does e-RUPI work? | All you need to know.

What is e-RUPI?

E Rupi is a person and purpose-specific digital payment solution. Narendra Modi has launched this much-awaited voucher on Monday. According to him, India will progress a lot more with the help of E-Rupi. It has promised to help everyone in leakage-free money delivery. E-Rupi is the ultimate digital payment solution that has been exclusively launched by India. Today we shall discuss everything you need to know about e-RUPI.

Do note that e-RUPI is not a digital currency, and is in no way related to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Here’s what you need to know about E-Rupi.

What are the features of e-RUPI?

  1. It is QR code of sms string based
  2. seamless one time payment
  3. voucher redemption can be done without much hassle only via one time transaction
  4. no physical interface needed
  5. connects the sponsors of the services with the benificiaries
  6. payment occurs only after transaction is completed
  7. pre paid
  8. it assures timely payment to the service provider without involvement of any intermediary.

Who can issue e-RUPI?

E-RUPI can be issued by the government of India. This has been launched by our PM Narendra Modi to make digital payment easier.

How will e-RUPI work?

Basically, the e-RUPI will work like any voucher you have used before. Think of it like a prepaid voucher of a fixed value. The Govt. of India shall issue these vouchers, with the help of the banks. Anyone having the e-RUPI can now redeem it for any purpose.

The required App for the e-RUPI shall be made available to users soon. One can also use this prepaid gift-voucher app without any credit or debit card, mobile app, or internet banking.

How will the e-RUPI vouchers be issued?

This application system works on NPCI on its UPI platform which has been linked to various banks as well. They will play an important role in issuing these applications to the common people. This system will provide medicinal and nutritional assistance which has been taken care of under the various maternal and child welfare schemes. They have also added beneficiaries for TB eradication programs such that the benefits are given to the ones in need. The beneficiary will be identified through this/her mobile number. The voucher the beneficiary received cannot be accessed or used by someone else.

Banks that will be linked to e-RUPI

The banks that are associated with E-Rupi are

  1. Axis bank
  2. bank of baroda
  3. Canara Bank
  4. HDFC bank
  5. ICIC bank
  6. Indusland bank
  7. Indian bank
  8. Kotak Bank
  9. Punjab National Bank
  10. State bank of India
  11. Union Bank of India

Uses of e-RUPI

  1. Ensure leak proof money transfer
  2. Leak proof delivery of pesticide subsidies, TB eradication programs, Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, Mother, and Child Welfare Schemes, etc.
  3. Transactions can now be traceble easily, leading to less frauds

Future projects based on e-RUPI

The government plans to use E-Rupi in schemes like Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, fertilizer subsidies, etc as promised by Modi Sarkar.


This initiative taken in by the Indian government has promised to ensure a leak-proof delivery of all the welfare services that have been included in it. Over a long period of time, the government has tried to establish various schemes to ensure higher range security and provide leak-free delivery of various schemes provided by the government.

As the government has mentioned,

“The concept of electronic voucher takes forward this vision of Good Governance”

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