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With the increase in the number of patients in the covid 19 virus, it has become a rising issue to decide whom to stay away from. The government has brought in its latest creation for your safety. That’s the CO-WIN App.

To get vaccinated one must be registered in the Cowin application and get quick access to the vaccine drive. You’re one-stop to safety. The app had already a lot of registrars and since its launch on 1st March 2021, 9 am, this application has been downloaded by many users.

Here’s a Web-Story for an overview.

What is CoWIN

What is Cowin?

Cowin stands for Covid Vaccine Intelligence Network. It is an application-driven by the government developed for the people. Amidst the huge population with a scarce amount of vaccines, Cowin tries to segregate the old people by setting up eligibility criteria for the vaccine consumers.

As mentioned, not everyone can register for the vaccine. There is a list of eligible candidates who can take in the covid vaccine. This application will help you stand in the queue for a longer time.

Who are eligible for Cowin Registration?

Usually, not the young blood is eligible for the vaccine yet but other than that a lot of people are eligible for this vaccine.

A list has been created for the people to go through and understand the eligibility. Remember you will be asked for an id proof so do not try to enter false information.

  • Heart failure or admitted to hospital for more than a year
  • Post cardiac transplant/ left ventricular assist device
  • Where LVEF<40
  • Moderate or severe heart disease in the valves
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Coronary heart disease with past hypertension history
  • Diabetes/Hypertension and angina treatment
  • CT/MRI documents or stroke or hypertension
  • Pulmonary stroke or hypertension
  • Kidney/liver/hematopoietic stem transplant
  • End-stage of kidney disease/CAPD
  • Patients with prolonged use of immunosuppressant
  • Decompensated cirrhosis
  • Severe respiratory disease
  • Leukemia/Myeloma/Lymphoma
  • Diagnosis of any solid cancer
  • Sickle cell disease/ bone marrow failure/aplastic anemia/ thalassemia major
  • HIV/other immune-deficient diseases
  • Person with disabilities.

How to Register for Cowin?

The registration as easy as it seems can be very strict since they will be verified by the officials before being taken into the covid 19 vaccine line.

The people who want to be vaccinated and fall under the above categories can register themselves via the cowin application. The registrations can be done with the help of other applications like arogya setu or one can directly register themselves by the



On using the application, you will be displayed a list of government and private hospitals that are providing the covid vaccine with their time schedules. You can pick the venue and time of your choice and get an appointment for the vaccination.

Here are the steps to register for COWIN

  • Open the portal and register for yourself and an additional maximum 3 of your near and dear ones
  • Select a venue and date
  • You can reschedule your vaccine date if necessary


  • The citizen gets himself registered with a valid ID proof
  • He can register himself and 3 others maximum for the registration
  • Users can then access COWIN citizen registration with the help of an OTP sent to their registered mobile number
  • After registration is done, he/she can make 3 more members from his family register along with him.
  • After entering their details click on the add button
  • You can also delete the registration of a member
  • Schedule his vaccine in the available time slot
  • A confirmation document can be downloaded
  • The citizen will receive a confirmation on their phone
  • The citizen gets vaccinated. He gets the appointment for dose 2 within 28 days of the first vaccine

Documents Needed

There are two types of documents

  • The ones who are between 45 to 60 has to submit their medical certificate stating their comorbid situation
  • The ones who are above 60 needs to present their aadhar card only.

You need to:

  • Put a picture of your ID proof document. Upload it in the application
  • Enter the photo ID number
  • Name as per mentioned in the ID card
  • Year of birth according to the ID card
  • Comorbidities(not mandated)

Thus you are ready to be vaccinated. Just wait for your date and get your vaccine.


Currently, the second phase of covid infection has created a fear among the daily on-goers- be it passengers of the same bus or be it a teacher teaching various students. Having a limited amount of vaccine, this has become an easy application for those who have lost their immune genetic powers and can only rely on vaccine.

It’s high time we are aware of the things happening around us and get going. The vaccination has started in more than 10,000 places with 20,000 people given the vaccine. We can also use applications like arogya setu or just to their website to register but downloading the application makes the procedure much smoother.

You are also provided with the district and place options to choose from in the Cowin portal. Here you can choose the hospital you want to get vaccinated in and book your appointment by just staying at home. Let’s make ourselves safe and corona-free!

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Has the application launched?

Yes, the application is available in the play store. The link is:

Are the updates only given in English?

There 12 languages to choose from in which we want the updates to come in.

Where are the vaccines given?

The vaccines are given in both government and private hospitals

Is there any charge for these vaccines?

If you take from a government hospital, then it comes for free of cost but in case of private colleges, a minimum amount of 250 is required.

Will we be provided with any proof after our vaccine is done?

Yes, we will be provided with a QR code based vaccination certificate after all the doses are done.

Are we completely danger free after the vaccination?

No! even after you are done with the vaccine, you are requested to cover your face with and mask and lead the life like you used to.

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