Surface Duo Is Finally Here – As Are Countless Accessories

Following numerous delays, Microsoft‘s returnee Android flagship – the Surface Duo – is finally out there in the U.S. Nearly a dozen Surface Duo accessories hit the Microsoft Store alongside the long-anticipated device, as was anticipated. The vast majority of these are pretty compelling gadgets in their own right; devices promising to do a lot more than simply improve the experience of owning Microsoft’s dual-screen smartphone.

The caveat, of course, is that they cost a pretty penny. Luxury appears to be in this year, just ask Samsung. Ultimately, most existing Surface Duo accessories are in the ballpark of what flagship owners have been paying for years. The highlights of the lineup include a $59.99 InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ screen(s) protector, and a so-called Bumper. Priced at $40, the mentioned piece of silicone allows the Surface Duo to do its best Surface Pro impression. Oh, and it additionally is available in a Business model that prices the same, looks the same, and makes us question Microsoft’s product strategy all the same.

In all seriousness, there are are some wonderful devices in the mix here. Though the one one that’s already offered out is arguably the most compelling of the bunch. Of course, we’re speaking about the $349 Surface Headphones which already have great popularity irrespective of the Surface Duo.

Most day-one Surface Duo accessories are pretty promising – but expensive

If you are eagerly awaiting a chance to buy the Surface Duo outdoors of the United States, do not maintain your breath. Because current experiences point out a global launch will not occur previous to 2021. And by then, the Surface Duo ought to already full its transition from a curiosity to a ludicrosity. Don’t forget Microsoft announced its dual-screen handset way back in 2019. And a year later, it is nonetheless releasing it with the previous Snapdragon 855 and a modest 6GB RAM configuration. Asking $1,400 for what a cynic would describe as a fancy ZTE Axon M, but without NFC.

Effectively, here’s to hope the inevitable Surface Duo 2 makes up for its predecessor’s shortcomings. Because let’s face it, there’s no way Microsoft is giving up after just one try. It’s not like the original Surface Pro set the world on the fire, both. In reality, most products launched as part of the Surface family eventually carved a niche of their own primarily thanks to such intelligent, iterative design. With a little luck and a lot of economies of scale principles put into action, there’s no reason to believe the Surface Duo cannot turn into such a success story, as well.

Surface Duo – Microsoft – $1,399

Surface Duo Accessories – Microsoft

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