Spotify, Epic Games, Media Companies ask Apple to Slash App Store Fees

Apple’s App Store charge for all in-app purchases has now got main media publishers probing a cut in the expenses to 15% from the accustomed 30%. It all began after Facebook criticized Apple for the anti-competitive and unfair App store policies that amount to a gaff of media companies. Apple takes a 30% charges of all app purchases and expects developers to make use of Apple’s payment methods to charge a fee for it as well

After July 29 hearing before the House Judiciary Committee, Digital Content Next (DCN), a trade group representing over 75 media and news corporations such as CBS, New York Times, and Washington Post. These corporations have questioned Apple to transparently outline the circumstances that can make a developer eligible for a lower App Store charges of 15%, which currently applies to Amazon apps. 

Several Companies Came Up with the Facts to Support Their Questions

In a letter, Jason Kint, CEO, Digital Content Next, requested Tim Cook, CEO, Apple, to obviously define the circumstances that Amazon satisfied for its array so that other corporations can work on these conditions and get charged the same.

Epic Games earlier has filed two separate lawsuits against Apple and Google in US courts, because the fees charged by them are extortionate and lead to unlawful domination in the market.

Spotify claims this gives Apple’s products like Apple Music a bonus over the rival music apps. Also, the last week the most popular multiplayer game, Fortnite, was taken down from both Apple App store and Google after the game’s publisher allowed the customers to pay instantly through their website.

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