Samsung’s New UV Phone Sterilizer Doubles as a Wireless Charger


Samsung has launched its own UV sanitation box that may sterilize your phone at the same time wirelessly charging it. Initially restricted to Thailand, the device has now gone on sale in a number of more international locations such as Germany the place where Samsung is selling it for €58.38 (~$66)( 5000 INR).

Samsung’s UV sterilizer seems to be functioning like what has been seen so far from startups similar to PhoneSoap. The box-shaped device, that faintly resembles miniature hibernation booths from sci-fi flicks, comes geared up with a cradle that’s flanked by a set of UV-C bulbs. All you have to do is place your phone inside and in about 10 minutes, your phone must be germ-free.

While ultraviolet radiation has proved efficient for sterilization, there is not any conclusive research on its effect on the coronavirus. However, consultants say, since UV can kill most bacterias and SARS, it’s potentially able to eliminate the novel coronavirus. Samsung, in its launch press release, didn’t say whether or not its sanitation field works towards COVID-19.

Other than that, Samsung’s UV sterilizer can charge up your phone wirelessly even after the sanitation process is full. However, at 10W, it will not be as quick as different higher-end wireless chargers.

Till now there’s no confirmation on when this product will be available in India, but we will keep you posted, as soon as we get further updates.

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